Matchmaking roles


I’ve been having an unfun time when playing solo, Without a group of friends.
We’re trying to get really good at our roles and we get them all the time when we play together.
But when playing Solo for Leaderboards/practice It’s almost impossible for me to get the role I want.
I ONLY Want to play support, Infact my preference order is Support>Medic>Trapper>Assault>Monster
And 90% of the time I get forced to play Assault or Monster.
I’m on a terrible laptop and I don’t want to play a walking ball of framelag, AKA Monster
And I really don’t want to play anything other than support because it just leads to frustration and being flamed in chat.

I suggest the option of a different filter when searching for games.
Currently: I search for a solo support game
Outcome: I get into a game in progress as assault

Suggestion: Add a filter to matchmaking that allows us to select the role we WANT to play, Not the role we prefer.
The options could be
Any Hunter
“I don’t mind” ( anything at all)
“Use my preferences” ( the current matchmaking)

So if I were to select Support. I would remain in queue until I found a game with an open support slot.
Queue time may be longer, but it’s a damn sight better than loading into a game and being forced to play a role you don’t want to, being flamed the entire time cough #LeagueofLegends cough

But yeah, This would be an awesome feature for solo play - Until something like this is implimented I doubt I’ll be playing without my friends.

Ridiculous game design

I have to agree, but only partiality. Just think for a moment: If they did this, matchmaking would probably be oven longer then it already is. Also:

That is entirely on you. If you don’t want to play laggy, buy a better computer. The system requirements for the game were known a long time ago. Plenty of time for you to decide whenever you laptop was up to the task


Just buying something isn’t an option for some people =P
And Like I said, there could be options for using the current matchmaking or I don’t mind, or even just “any hunter” Meaning people that selected these roles could be slotted into the roles around the role you want - If you don’t want a long queue, simply search for “use my preferences”
But for those of us who don’t want to play everything, The current matchmaking is a lot longer than the queue would be to find a match ( implying you leave the match and try to find another one)