Matchmaking referring to player nationality?!?


unfortunately i didn’t play the alpha, so i hope somebody might answer my question.

how does matchmaking work referring to nationality / language, if you play with random people? couldn’t find something by hitting the search bar…
.so will the hunter team be put together with players of the same nationality? i mean to chat, discuss strategies and ingame communication…(is the matchmaking system preferring server of the same country), or is it worldwide?

thx in advance


I’m sure there will be regions, much like how LoL does it, etc. It would be unreasonable to make someone in EU play on a NA West server/connection.


did you play the alpha? yeah it was just alpha, but maybe they already had a function like that


Nice question. I am from Czech Republic and I played really a lot of games with Czech or Slovakia people. :slight_smile:

Blue - Czech
Red - Slovakia


Yes, I played the alpha. I’m in NA, and I only played with people in NA.

That’s not a major regional difference. May be culturally different, but the ping would be manageable.


thx to you. if not, it might be difficult for some people, who don’t speak a foreign language, to cope with the game.


Have you played Left 4 Dead, or CoD? I feel like this game would follow the same type of region control.


Oh yeah, this interests me a lot. Can’t believe I forgot. I played a LOT with people in my country. Did you do this to ease the means of communication (because against good monster, talking is necessary) ?


ja cod…but somehow there are a lot of french people, but i’m german. no matter what, i think that the developers are going to find a good solution.


That’s the issue (Not that it’s a major thing) with EU servers in general. There’s so many small countries in such a small area, it’s hard to make it perfect for everyone.


i think it’s essential…if not, one will go right the other hunter will go left. that won’t work. definitely need to play the beta!!


Pinging can alleviate that.


@Bananebieger spielst du auf Xbox?


Ja. Bist dabei?


Gamertag: D3EP IMP4CT, kannst mich gern adden.


When I played during the Big Alpha, I ended up in a group of fellow Norwegians. None of us were a part of a premade group. And even after one of us left, an another Norwegian joined us.

If this was a combination of time zones and pure luck, I don’t know.


Hmmm maybe they use time zones. Hopefully it will be country orientated or the preferred zone might be chosen manually…so playing with foreign people and people of the same nationality would be possible by choice. That would be nice.


Sorry ich spiele auf Playstation, dachte schon, dass du irgendwo was mit Xbox gefragt hast


There’s one final solution : taking some french lessons !.. ^^

Ich bin sicher, dass es nicht so kompliziert ist !


Brauch ich nid. Kanns. Gibt nur vllt spieler, die es nich so mit sprachen haben.