Matchmaking. Recent players on Steam. And, the bodies through the floor


My opinion:

Firstly, on joining games in progress as monster. What do I do in that case? I let them kill me, because I’m not partial to 1:1:1 builds and some perk that I don’t want. Why force monsters into games already in progress? I don’t mind killing a bot monster. It’s a nice break from the intensity that comes fighting against a player. However, it really detracts from my experience to be dropped into a monster I didn’t pick, with a perk I didn’t pick, with a build that I didn’t pick. And sometimes it even happens when I’d rather be playing Medic, Trapper, Support, or Assault instead. It doesn’t happen like that often, but it happens enough that it completely destroys my enjoyment of the game.

Secondly, it is extremely irritating to have monster sitting last in my preferences and having to play it. The monster is an intense play experience. When I’m in a team mindset and have just played a match with a group of hunters that I’m looking forward to hunting with again, it is psychologically jarring to be forced into the monster role. I have been in games where all 5 people have monster last in their preference, which makes the other problems even more frustrating. It was especially annoying when the monster role cycled between 2 players instead of all 5 players.

Thirdly, more needs to be done in order to start a game with a full set of players. Players join a game in progress and then quit regardless of how early it is in the match. This happens multiple times and the cycling completely ruins the match. Do not start a PvP match without all the P’s, seriously! Especially if hunters are missing. It’s the worst thing about this game.

And finally, bodies sometimes fall into or through the terrain when they die and become inaccessible to Lazarus. I just had a survivor body do this on Rescue mode.

If this posts sounds angry, it’s because I’m actually angry over the state of the matchmaking. It manages to really make me mad at least once a day so far.

Please, start reporting recent players to the steam client. Considering how Steam doesn’t require unique user names, I have a hard time befriending people I just played with. I go under “View / Players”, and all I see are recent players from games other than Evolve.

TLDR: The matchmaking system as it stands, in my opinion, is really frustrating. Starting a game with players missing is unacceptable.


I would like to second the “recent players on Steam” request. I’ve been pugging, and it’s been fine, but would really love to Steam-friend some of the players I’ve teamed up with to start getting into that higher level teamwork shit, and this would make that far more possible to do.


I’m trying to tough it out, but the matchmaking is the reason I’ll quit this game. It’s certainly the reason I stopped playing today.


They will be implementing ranked MM soon. I’d recommend keeping an eye on it for developments- ranked will help a lot.


I hope so.


Just hold out for a while. We know it’s in the works.

Might I suggest soloing with bots? They are actually rather good, though they can spaz oiut occasinally, and you can swap between any characters, including ones you don’t have.


I don’t find playing with bot hunters to be any sort of fun at all. Though, slaughtering a group of “hard” bot hunters is reasonably entertaining as a warm up. It lessens the shock of being dumped into monster against my will.

I just finished 3 matches with monster in 5th place. The first one I got dumped in as a 1:1:1 wraith right at the flare. I lost that one, but I suppose it was reasonably close. I know I must be the only wraith player on the forums that ever loses since she’s so OP, you know. /sarcasm :wink: The second match cycled through several maps and people joining/exiting (without me ever exiting matchmaking). When it finally decided on a group, I was again forced to play monster. At least I got to pick my monster and won. Only on the third match did I get to play as a hunter, which was one of those games that devolved into a series of unfortunate events. So 2 of my main gripes got checked off in one play session. I would’ve played a fourth match, but I already had played 2 matches in a role I didn’t want under any circumstances, along with one horrible match that likely wasted my medic “turn”. I didn’t want to jump into the next match and be further frustrated at not being able to practice medic, or worse, being forced to play monster again.

I have a reasonable understanding of how the matchmaking works, but to me it’s having a lot of unintended consequences. For instance, a number of players I’ve met who are forced into the monster role have said they just wanted to skill a certain ability for progression, like rock throw. So instead of getting a real monster match (remember they don’t want to play monster), we get a throw away match where a monster just spams one ability as much as he can. Or, they just run in and let you kill them. I’ve certainly suicided before just to move things along, or if I get dumped into a monster in a situation I don’t care for. I wonder how accurate the monster win percentage on their telemetry is if people are simply throwing games when they don’t want to play monster? I’d wager it’s happening a lot more than people realize.

I tried re-queuing repeatedly to get a preferred role earlier today, but that quickly put me into something that resembled a low priority for matchmaking. And after some time searching, I ended up on a team with 2 bots versus a monster player. That was not much fun, but I figure I deserved it according to the game for wanting to “git gud” on medic. From now on I will not be honoring requests from pubs to swap classes. I used to switch my preferences around so that the pub group would have the benefit of more permanent roles, but no more.

On a side note, do the monsters and hunters always choose the same perk? How does that work? Because it would be nice to know what perk I have if I’m going to be forced to join matches in progress. And how do monsters choose skills? Is it always 1:1:1 each stage? Well enough of my moaning. glhf