Matchmaking...really game?


Please note that I don’t play monster on pvp that often. I usually do it solo as when I do play Evolve, I play with friends. So I had only done ONE qualifying match in the past. This would have been my second…Why did the game put me against 2 Silver Masters and 2 Silver Experts? I couldn’t fight them. I had to quit just because I couldn’t find any fun in them just wrecking me as I helplessly try to do any damage as a level one. It wasn’t even two minutes in and they found me immediately as I was feeding. Why am I getting put against people that will clearly beat me when I haven’t even been ranked yet?


@Jedi_Warrior I think we have a thread that pertains to these type of things. Not sure thoug.


The game doesn’t know where to put you so you will get matched with a variety of people. It’s how it puts you into the correct bucket of players.


When you’re “Determining Rank”, I think the matchmaking formula can grab from a much wider range of skill levels since the ranking system hasn’t placed you yet. Just get your 10 matches done, and you’ll be placed with people much closer to your skill level.

Don’t think of the ranking system as a win condition. The game will measure your ability, and place you in matches that are hopefully close to your skill level. As you increase in skill, you will rise in ranks. In the mean time, enjoy the matches, learn, adapt, Evolve. :smiley: I play monster when my friends aren’t online, and I have about a 50% win rate (presently at 49%, but I digress). I like this, since I know each match is going to be hard fought.


Got it. I’m destined to stew in Bronze. Not like the ranks matter, even if we’re bronze, we can’t rank up since we either get paired with hunters that act like they’ve never held a controller before, or we get put up against high Silver Skilled players that just whoop us regardless


For hunters, I think ranked is really for a group of people. But I stay away from ranked because I am not a competitive player.


If you play with a mic, try to befriend the people who also have mics and work/communicate well in teams. I play with a number of people that I’ve met on this game. We still lose, but at least we can discuss it, dissect our game, analyze where we went wrong, experiment with new strategies/team comps, etc. The key is to be able to play with people you can communicate with. Hunters are very communication reliant, and if you don’t, than you’re going to get stomped, especially at higher ranks.


I didn’t realize you can avoid ranked. All I know is to just play custom with friends


I do play with people I communicate with. But me and him are the only ones that ever want to play in our group of friends and everyone we play with is usually an idiot


I’m basically done playing Monster. I’m just bad I guess. I do everything I can to avoid them, sneak, feed, and yet every match I’ve been caught as level one and I can’t get anyone down. Used to think I was actually good at this game. So much for that


Yup, just go into Skirmish. :+1:


That is literally the new player experience for any online MP game. Everyone goes through this. Only recommendation is to muddle through and finish DT matches so you can play with people on your level, wherever that may be. I was low bronze as Monster and low silver as Hunter back when I played PS4, though. Haven’t even determined rank on PC, though.

I avoid ranked now. Hate tryhards who only want to win. Games are supposed to be fun, so I either solo grind or play pubs when I get sick of the dumb AI. If you can form a party and go customs, that’s always fun.


I’m not a new player though. I played back in the old days when fighting the monster was a simpler challenge, not a 50/50 chance of it stomping you or you stomping it.


Well, fighting a Monster should never be simple. If it was, that would indicate that it was unbalanced, and it being tougher represents a more balanced state where the Monster actually has a chance. But that’s off topic and subjective, so I digress.

Ranked play is kinda broken right now with not enough players to fill the spots, there can be huge skill differences between two “levels”, even if they’re only a step apart.


Well, what I mean was that it was a challenge, and not unbalanced. Like, regardless of the situation, you had a chance of losing or winning and you couldn’t tell what would happen. nowadays, you can pretty much tell if you’re gonna lose during your first fight with the monster.


Ah, now I understand what you mean. It could go either way in a single fight instead of always having a chance to scrape one out at the last second. Those clutch wins are much more rare now.


Be thankful you can get a game as monster. I’ve been playing consistently since Hunt 2.0 and I’m still determining rank because I don’t like waiting longer than 20 minutes for a game.


No, just dont fight at S1.
When you get domed at S1 just evade dmg, dont engage, hide behind obstacles and most of all, avoid Assault.

When dome is down and you get like 1-2 bars of HP dmg you can call it success. Then just run and evolve.

Its also great to learn best feeding routes for every map and then you can easily evolve under 1:40 to S2 .

And also if this doesent help, you can still wait for TU 9.0 which should make Monster and Hunter gameplay much less frustratingto play and much more enjoyable, so just hold tight ! :slight_smile:


Silver Skilled is the lowest Silver rank.


never run. never hide. be hilary*. be honorable.