Matchmaking Rant


OK, this is directed at whoever designed the matchmaking,
you really thought it was a good idea to throw a joining player into a monster match when the monster has no health and is about to die? if this was skirmish I wouldn’t care, but evac gives hunters an auto advantage if the monster looses, I would rather a clean start instead of a complicated throw in. none of you thought to put some kind of health requirement on the AI before the player can join as said monster? it wouldn’t be so annoying if only it wasn’t for that 60 second queue .
what were you guys thinking? I know this is pissing a lot of players off.

next off, I usually only play monster, it’s always my first selection, yet whenever I get thrown in as a hunter, the monster slot is EMPTY, wha…? tonight was the last straw after over 10 attempts I still didn’t get monster, your matchmaking for evac needs some SERIOUS love, I am now convinced its a big reason why the playerbase is suffering, because the matchmaking is insufferable.
let monsters be monsters and hunters be hunters, keep in mind this is all regarded to Evac and I haven’t had many MM issues with skirmish.

anyone else feel this way? because I’m ready to put this game away.



Pretty much feeling the same way. Join 5+ games just to give in and play as a hunter once so I can play as the monster once before trading back again. Basically in the past few weeks, it has become a thing where you’re forced to be a hunter before you can be a monster (unless you get a group together to just play custom which is the case most of the time because of this ).

On a lighter note, the new update for the game is epic!


Woah, who chose Hyde? Because this thread just got hit with a TOXIC bomb.