Matchmaking putting you with teams that suck? Come find a friend!


As a semi decent hunter player I feel pretty depressed that the “skill” based matchmaking is putting everyone is together. Every game is a stomp at the moment, due to uncommunicative hunters that appear to have only bought the game yesterday, Griffins that don’t know they have sounds spikes, medics that don’t heal etc. With that in mind I would like to create some kind of network for players that want to play with an actual team.

Hence this thread. Put your platform and handle below and people can use this as a kind of meeting hub. You don’t have to have a mic (even if I personall think it makes things a whole lot easier) you don’t even have to be great. Just be willing to work as a team like the game was intended to be.

I’m razor__fox on ps4.


I agree completely on that.
Currently my last 5 months of playtime are on the downside.
I have to play with total noobs again and again, because in those 10 evaluation games you have to play with noobs versus good monsters, and arriving in Bronze class it won´t be better.
This really really annoys me…


Only way out is too find a good team. Otherwise you are sentenced to bronze…forevaaaaaaah!

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Wileykojote xb1. Ill play anything and im pretty dern good… id prefer people with mics and in 20s above… cant stand kids yo. Holla me


PC (Steam)

Add me! Up for a game any time :smile:


there are a lot of miso on steam… any hint wich one of this is you




Free most of the time


Quite right - there are too :slight_smile: Profile pic is a green box with a white ‘ND’ logo

EDIT: same as my profile pic here :wink:


ah found you. but not sure if we can play together cause of ping…
did you ever played with people from europe?



I typically play on west coast servers (via Steam’s download preferences) - I’m actually based in Japan, but on a very fast connection and so very rarely have issues with ping; I’m usually sitting around 75ish.

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