Matchmaking Preferences not working


Me and my friend play Evolve as a premade duo, but often we enjoy playing the monster when together, as fighting your friend is understandably quite enjoyable. However, since the recent patch after many many attempts at queing, where no one else has set the preference to monster, it will always put a randomly qued player as the monster.

The patch notes did not detail any change as such, is this intended or a bug?

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Can't queue as monster in a party now?

I don’t believe this is intended, although it might prefer to put you and your friend together in a Hunter team rather than against each other.

How about trying this. Either one of you sets Monster is their most desired preference and the other one the least. Once one of you gets his Monster role, simply switch preferences again.

Also welcome to the forums! Apparently this has not been given yet.

Which is a very handy thread to find your way around and to get familiar with the community guidelines.


I second this, and it happens whether within or without a party.

Often times I’ve seen games with one player for each role, and the one wishing to play as the Monster, often myself, never gets selected.

Then either the person selected as the Monster leaves, or waits long enough for me to swap with them. It’s a seriously unnerving bug.

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Thanks for the response, we have tried a variety of methods, and even when we are paired with a team who have all selected a main preference for separate roles, it will still force someone else to play monster. Have re-qued 20 times in succession, and regardless every single time we get paired hunter. This has definitely only occurred since the patch.

Still enjoying what Is a great game, but small bugs like this need to be fixed (easily) if they are not intended. :slight_smile: