MATCHMAKING: needs changes


i’ve encountered plenty of problems with matchmaking.

  1. it’s by level, and doesn’t work if you have players of two level brackets searching.

  2. it doesn’t take ping or region into account

  3. it ignores anyone below (or above) your level

  4. it will connect you to the same players several times regardless of experience (IE lag)

at level 28 i am stuck on one map against the same few people. they aren’t in the same region so i can’t play multiplayer very well, and playing singleplayer increases my multiplayer level making the problem worse.

if the total pool of players is quite large why am i stuck with long wait times all the time? you can’t even say lower level players are lower skilled at this point.

would benefit from lobby list


I’ve never encountered long waiting times during in matchmaking, but i agree that matchmaking needs some improvement.

Matchmaking tends to give me my least preferred role. I really like that i can actually chose a preferred role, but it should be at least so generous to not send me into a game where i have to play my 5th choice.

Also there should be a server option so the ping issue can be fixed somewhat. Haven’t had that very often and the game ist quite new so I’m positive this issue will not exist forever.