Matchmaking - Level Difference


My friend is level 4 and I’m level 18, we’ve had zero success in finding a match, is it basically not possible at this point due to the level difference?


Wish I had the answer for this one…I can’t say I’ve run into this issue but I haven’t tried this before with just a 2 man and searching.


I’ve had the same issue back in Beta as well, I’m assuming the level difference is just messing up the matchmaking algorithms or something.

@MrStrategio @MacMan any insight on this?


I was level 17 with friends being level 1 and 2 and we were able to find a match. However, I find matchmaking to be a little broken atm. Disconnects, long wait times, etc. I don’t think it is level related though.


Thanks for reporting the issue in the report bugs section. We’ll be looking into the issue. Can you tell me which system you play on? How long did you wait for each time? In multiplayer, what were you searching for? Evacuation PVP/Coop, Custom Nest…? Did your friend join on your or did you use an invite system?


This is not necessarily related to level difference in matchmaking (well maybe it is), but still a problem:

Myself, level 17 and my friend level 1 were trying to find a Hunt (Skirmish) match. Every time we are in queue after about 2 minutes the host would find a game and the other person who was invited would lose connection to host and be returned to the menu. We tried it with me inviting him, and with him inviting me but both times only the host was able to join a game.

System: Xbox One
Wait: ~2 minutes
Game mode: Hunt (Skirmish)
Used the invite system

Glad to see you guys on top of these issues and working on a solution it so quickly!


Platform: PC

Time to wait: We waited until it automatically put us into a lobby with just the two of us.

Game mode: Hunt - Skirmish

Type of invite: I used the Steam overlay menu to invite him.


I had a similar problem, a friend who was level 18 and I was level 5. PC, I invited him using Steam, I think we waited for a good 5 minutes or so. Weirdly then there was a sequence of events where I got a few searching screens, then a screen like we had a party, then back to a search screen, and in the end I was partied up with 4 other random people and he got a message that the lobby was full. We chalked it up to the level differential messing with things but was an odd progression.


@MrStrategio is matchmaking supposed to match based on LEVEL, or is there more of a hidden ELO type number?

I’m trying to advise new players in another thread NOT to solo to level 20 and then expect to Pug Skirmish and know what they are doing. I think they are better off leveling via Skirmish at first…just jump in! One of my points is matchmaking, but I’m not sure if it is level or “ELO” type rating, or a mix.


At first it’s based on level, but once you’ve hit max level 40, it’s a kind of ELO match making.

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I know this is off-topic but is there a fix in the next patch for the mouse cursor bug?


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Thanks for the reply @MrStrategio