Matchmaking is working as good as ever


Like seriously. Matchmaking losing half the party, then matchmaking putting me in monster role despite being in a party and having monster as my fifth choice (most embarrassing match of my entire alpha+beta career combined), finally the old context corruption. Time to see how the next match goes!

Fun as ever, and the mastery amounts already seem so much better than they used to be. But seriously. Matchmaking, pls.


They are going to get all the data about the matchmaking since so many people are playing.Then it will be fixed accordingly


A lot of people reported bugged matchmaking. TRS knows for sure, and knowing them, they’re cooking up a fix as of now. Just hold on. In the meanwhile, if you have a party, jump into customs! They are a lot of fun, and the bots are competent enough.


Also you realize its day one and shits gonna happen


They had a beta for this very reason. Add another broken game to the list of shitty launches. I expected more.


Mhm, I know. I was just surprised, since I know matchmaking is one of the things they’ve been most focused on ironing out the bugs of, this late in the game. And I hadn’t seen context corruption at all through either Big Alpha or the Beta, so I was surprised it showed up again.

Hope TRS can get it all ironed out quickly enough, matchmaking is primarily server side so they shouldn’t have anything holding them back from patching.


As am I. It actually seems as though the MM is worse than the beta, which confuses me, but perhaps it’s an averse effect from having this many players access Evac, Skirmsish, etc, etc at the same time. I trust them to sort it out quickly enough. They haven’t failed me yet.


Bigger player pool tomorrow should help a lot.

What platform btw?


I’m assuming you mean @dunvi?


I’m on PC. It probably doesn’t help that NA PC players got such a late release. I’m hoping it’ll be better by Thursday or Friday when I’ll really be able to sit down and play finally.

Surprised that a small pool would actually screw up the matchmaking, I wouldn’t have mentioned anything if we ended up just sitting waiting for a team for ages because I expected that.


Another great idea is to get other PC players from the forums to fill out a party and play customs. It is a lot of fun,from what I’ve gathered.

Here you go, in case you’d like to look into that.


Yeah we searched for 20 minutes (four person party) and we couldn’t find anyone to play monster on xbox one.


matchmaking never works.

it should ALWAYS give you a lobby index rather than matchmaking.


Xbox here. It’s finding players fine, it just fails to create a game once all five players are found or it will create the game and then crash before it starts.

I really hope you guys can fix this in a timely manner. I’m sure all of us don’t want this to turn out like halo mcc which is STILL broken.


Add me SmokeMassTree

I’ll be your monster if you’ll be my hunters.


So far the only weird thing I’ve noticed about matchmaking is with class assignment while playing in a 4-player party.

Two members have assault and trapper first, respectively, and are fine. Two others have Support first, but one has Medic second and the other has Medic fourth. It seems like the player with Medic second should get it more often than the player who has it fourth, but it seemed to just swap each game.

It’s entirely a non-issue in this case since we’re in a party and can easily just reset our classes to get the desired outcome, I just found it curious since it seems like the “happiness quotient” would be higher if one person got their second choice, say, 75% of the time rather than a person getting their fourth choice 50% of the time.