Matchmaking is the single most aggravating experience of this game


I love this game, I really do, but the matchmaking in this game is really starting to piss me off. What’s the point of the preferences menu if it doesn’t do anything for me? I have mine set to monster first because I want to play the monster. I do not want to play the human. Period. Nine out of ten games I load into, what am I? Fucking human. That one game where I do load in as a monster? Game has already started, which is not inherently a bad thing unless the bot is a monster I don’t like or the player that left chose the skills horribly. But whatever, I’m the monster in a full lobby, I’ll just suffer through this match and pick what I want in the next game. Nope! Next map loads up and I’m somehow the fucking human again. This single aspect of finding a game is why I only have 31 hours logged into Evolve despite playing it since day one.

And I’m not being unreasonable. Probably the last 10 hours I spent leveling my humans because I wanted to. Now that I want to return to my beloved Wraith, good fucking luck.


Rank mode will come soon, so pacience my friend


Its doesn’t look for your number 1 choice when you join games that are all ready started, but yes matchmaking can get really annoying at times. I also put monster as 1 and always have to play a game that started as the hunters first.


I agree 100%. TRS made the hunter and monster playstyle vastly different. Good for them! I prefer 1 of them 100% over the other. I have no desire to play hunter. When I sit there getting hunter after hunter after hunter, and then being penalized either another minute before I can yet again search, and yet again load and YET AGAIN get into another hunter match, or wade through a match that I will loathe playing, I just shut the game off. I shouldn’t have to wade through a 20 minute match as a hunter just to see if I get the chance to play as a monster the next round (and sometimes not even then).

Id rather wait 5 minutes in a queue to be a monster, then do to what I do now to get to play what I want to play. The frustation it causes makes me not want to play at all.