Matchmaking is most frustrating thing ever


I get sooooooo sick of not being able to play the game i payed for the way i want. I should NEVER get my 5th choice. plain and simple. For the last 5 hours i have yet to get the role i WANT. Its starting to really really frustrate me to no end. I would play solo but the human bots are worse than most 5 year olds that can play. plus i dont want to play 4 characters. I just want MY role. If you get any role besides your number 1 choice you should have NO penalty for leaving a match.


What you’re failing to understand here is that there are literally thousands of other players who want the same fucking role as you. There would be no purpose in numbering 1 to 5 if they just gave you a 30 minute match making until you get your 1. Yes I made another point inside that sentence. Matchmaking times would shoot through the roof if it only gave you your 1 position. Enjoy the game man, damn.


Trying to enjoy the game. Its not hard to make a new lobby with the role i selected. That many players should fill the next 4 spots easily. There absolutely no reason not to give someone their role. plain and simple


Except that there obviously is an issue filling in those roles. There’s a reason they list you one to five. I’m pretty sure you’re bs’ing anyways or have like 3 games played. I have support usually as my number 1 and get it all the time. And tons of people like support the most.


Well just now. played 1 game as support. next game i get put at monster(fifth choice) and theres an empty support role. So whats their excuse for that one? Literally game my choice to a bot so i got stuck with monster. Its just broken.


I say this in every one of these threads. It never gets through…


When I go for hunters, I get my No.1 choice 90% of the time. I see no issue here.

When I go for monster, I get it about 5% of the time. As someone who wants to play monster, it’s getting old.


I don’t care if I don’t get my #1, but I should never get my #5. The last 6 times in a row it gave me my #5. When that happens I just quit the match, wait the minute and try again, so it’s not like it’s actually helping anyone by doing this.


Make that 7 now. So frustrating. If I want to play monster I would move it to anything but 5.


Yeah, matchmaking is frustrating. Five seconds after you go get up from your game to go poo, you get kicked for idling. After you get kicked it makes you wait a whole minute before playing. A minute where you could be picking your character. A minute so valuable you could’ve unlocked your next character or perk. Yet again, after the minute passes you try to get in another game and yet yet again, you get a character you hate. This is similar to the circle of life, except matchmaking is a waste of time.
It isn’t just idling, it is also the load screen. There was a bug where I was sitting on a load screen for 5-10 minutes before quittin- strike that, change it- RAGE quitting my ps4.


I have an idea. If they had a fifth role (aka the tracking role) it would make matchmaking a lot more roomy. Of course the tracking role would only have a simple pistol as their primary weapon because the game is already balanced, but wouldn’t this be awesome!?!?


There is a strategy where you put your favorite role in slot 4 or 5 and you just might get it…