Matchmaking is having problems on XB1


Been searching for over an hour and I have only got one match also there are a lot of people who out of sync with the game when I join. They appear invisible and don’t seem to move around the game world. Also the AI has gone crazy. I just had a round where the AI hank was dropping orbitals on me and there was absolutely no way he had line of sight on me because he was 50 meters away and on the other side of a cliff yet still he was able to target me with and orbital on multiple occasions.


XBL was down. maybe it introduced more problems then it solved? Not that i would know.


Hmm perhaps it did. I’m still having trouble finding games. Only getting matched with like one other human player and the rest AI. Everything seems off right now. The AI has gone into super mode. They are pulling off impossible things such as healing through walls. I lost my first match as the monster at stage 2 full health and armor when I attacked the AI hunters in a small cave. I died in less than one minute to them. It was like they were doing double damage and somehow markov was throwing down mines and hydes gas grenade. The match before that AI hank was dropping orbitals over and over on me from god knows where because he was not in my smell range most of the time and when he was there were walls between us.