Matchmaking is actually broken as ****


The game is matching me against hunters with 100 hours, some with 500+ logged, I have less than 20, and not a great win ratio even.

Just why?


Maybe because they’re not great, even with the hours played? :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you finding them in terms of the match?


They caught me extremely fast, to be honest I fought them halfheartedly though, figuring I had no chance.

The following match I was paired with low hour players, I don’t know what to think.


Genuinely if you are on low hours played, and a better than 1.00 WLR then your skill level is likely to be at a certain point (let’s call it 1000 skill points, for reference), if those guys are experienced but actually not that great, then their skill level will match yours and be similar to 1000 skill points on average for them.

However it is an average, there may be some better and some worse, and also depending on your locality it may be that they’re slightly better on average, maybe 1100 skill points, in order to get you a game that doesn’t compromise on latency. And it’s a skill rating that is mostly to do with wins and losses, so it may just be that they’re actually not that great in a fight, this doesn’t mean their 100s of hours of experience is for naught and they of course know the skills in order to track you down and catch you quickly.

Then the next game it finds you some more people around 1000 skill points, this time it’s people that, like you, haven’t played an awful lot so their skill rating hasn’t had a chance to get higher yet.

On a side note: I am extremely aware in myself of how much I tend to give up as a monster or a hunter mentally, but decide I can’t just quit, and then end up going on to win the match. Being positive about your chances can be a big part of changing the results you get.


I don’t know about the matchmaking itself, but skill ratings? I don’t trust them at all, it’s so difficult to assess skill in a game as this. See the Rank attributes, for instance… They are bollocks, as Hyde would put it.

I don’t doubt that the skill rating for regular Hunt is… Messy, either.


People never trust things that put them in a bracket to do with their skill that they don’t agree with.


I find that my matchmaking experience as a monster with 80-odd hours (honestly, half of them were probably spent idle) and a 4-ish W/R is that I switch between getting matched with teams of 400-1000+ hour players, and teams of like…20 hours.

Especially this weekend.

It’s not great.


Hours played and rank don’t mean very much. Even W/L records don’t really. I think the matchmaking is pretty accurate though if you are average it will put you against average Hunters.

If you don’t have very many games played though it takes a while for the system to figure out where you are. After you play about 30 games as monster it starts to become much more accurate.

I have over 30 losses due to hackers and disconnects so I should be getting matched up against better Hunters than I am…so that’s one problem with the system as it is right now.


MM searches for 2 seconds and find the next best guys. There really is no logic behind it.
My games vastly differ in quality. I can´t even describe the gaps.


Played more than 100 games. With 170 hrs I still get pair up with 1-60 hrs. Then, sometimes with 400-600. Sometimes even 1000+ hrs. current MM system right now is random af. Heck, sometimes it even put me against pro/ESL team. :neutral_face:


What I do is look for the lowest lvl hunter in the gang. Gang up on him usually works. It’s a good way to start playing as monster. After that, find feeding routes. Simply going around the map will not help you.


Taking pubstomping to a new level…


Yeah, well, our tactics don’t have to be similar each other. I said it’s a good way to start. Not sure if continuing to do so is viable, haven’t played Goliath that much.


You’re so full of it.
I’ve been matched with you and steamrolled ye with Goliath because your teammates were awful.

I’ve been matched against @Ryaneko and @Mendoza and barely won, my only fair match in the last 4-5 weeks.

I’ve been matched against nDG veteran Monster players with teammates that don’t even shield as Hank or use the Medgun.

And all the other 999 times I’ve been matched with and against players ranging anywhere from 1hr to 200hrs in-game. Occasionally I’ll encounter someone in the same boat as me who either steamrolls the Hunter team or can’t even hope to carry them.

The last few weeks have been nothing but losing to mediocre Monster players because my teammates are even worse or feeling bad because I can defeat them as Goliath without a dent in my healthbar.

As if basing an entire matchmaking on winrate (that not only is shared between Hunters and Monster but also ignores individual performance altogether) was not enough, the system is also unbelievably broken.

And to top it all off, TRS just managed to throw their entire failsafe to fall back on (level-based matchmaking) out the window during the last weekend by letting every random newcomer reach level 50 in just a few hours.

Matchmaking is fucked.
I admire your willingness to defend TRS in this matter but it’s broken right now. Not "people can’t handle they’re not as good as they think they are."
No, broken.


I lost to you? That’s outrageous!! Lol


Fite me irl


Why didn’t you write Rickrolled. Oh why?


So much this,at least we know they are working on something to fix it.It may take weeks or months but hey! it is beta


Couldn’t put It any better


Yeah dude, I gave up queuing as monster because I just kept being put with people who were way past my skill level, my suggestion is literally just to queue as hunter as you’ll probably have a better chance of winning