Matchmaking improvements


If this has already been suggested then good, if not then I’d like it to be considered for a future patch.

I’d like the option to be able to search for a match that hasn’t yet started. In both skirmish and Evac.

There’s nothing worse than being dropped into hunt in match 3 late on and taking over from a monster player who’s not only lost all their games (so there’s barely a reward for winning defend) but is on the brink of death in this one. Not only that but if you do go on to win defend everyone leaves and the same thing happens all over again.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve managed to compete a full evacuation campaign as monster, that’s how bad it’s been in my experience.


i don’t mind to be dropped in a started match as long its not monster. but yes… we need a better matchmaking, but i didn’t read anything from the dev about this HUGE issue.


The current state of matchmaking is a joke, I’m personally sick and tired of all the lobbys that never get full up or lobbys that consistently keep giving you your 5th choice, they need to get this sorted as I’m slowly losing my patience.


It definitely leaves a lot to be desired. I routinely end up with my 5th choice particularly in the last two weeks. That would be fine if all the slots were full but they are not. It’s been a few weeks since I have been dropped into a match with more than 2-3 players. And quite often I end up playing against a level 40 when I am in the mid 20’s. I have no problem with that every now and then with the player numbers as they are, but still. Conversely I have had times where the system can’t find any games with empty slots and I just watch the circle go round for ten minutes, which I find hard to believe. Something is definitely not quite right with the matchmaking system as it currently exists.