Matchmaking ignoring groups and sets monster player way too often


Keeping this post short again. For a few day’s we have been playing with four people and about half of the time we are getting a 5th random player who will steal a spot in our team forcing one of our team members to play monster. In the beginning it was fun, right now I’m getting a bit tired of it. There is a reason people have preferences, there is a reason why people team up. If it happens one in ten times it can be a bit of fun, but now it happens way too much. Put monster players in a group that wants to fight a monster and let those that want to play hunter play hunter. People need to train to work together, other then to fight their friends.


I agree that there should be an option to queue specifically for hunter or monster. Too many times somebody gets a monster when they don’t want it and just leaves the lobby, making everyone else have to search for a new game.

This seems like a topic for suggestions rather than bugs


I think there is an option to queue as monster or hunter in ranked play ( Evolve legacy )

I am not sure now because ive got few more level to go before reaching level 20.

Is the rank system now different compared to previous evolve legacy ?


About 2 months ago I asked for a way to queue as hunters, but there were noch other Players asking for such an Option. Maybe now with f2p there are more people who would Luke to have an option like that.


No. It looks exactly the same. You still queue for Hunter/Monster separately.


Unfortunately if no one wants monster in the lobby, it will pick one randomly.

To keep things fair, it doesn’t take into account if you are in a group or not. This way solo que-ers aren’t always forced to be monster.

If TRS adds a system to take into account preference, then it might be more balanced, but that can be hard to do with 20k+ players constantly switching lobbies, leaving, and joining.


There are easy ways to make a system that tracks all the players and their preferences. I find it almost insulting that we tried playing with our team in normal Hunt yesterday to earn some keys and we fought against our own players 50% of the time. I understand that solo players don’t want to play monster all the time, but those times are over. We actually have a playerbase again, I really don’t mind waiting half a minute longer if we want to find a monster player. This should be optional, similar to the que to find players who have their mic active. I bought a headset for this game again simply for that reason.