Matchmaking ideas for devs and to everyone!


So far I’ve had an amazing time with a friend on this game and all but there are just certain things that really tick me off in general. Just to give an example to people, I’m at lvl 15 that plays a lot of medic as Caira while my friend is at lvl 13 that plays as Abe.

Either way, my point that I want to address is that the matchmaking “priority” for a class is really… bad.
Reason why I say bad is because say I have my priority on medic and maybe 1 or more players want medic and it can only choose 1, leaving the other player(s) at a disadvantage in the game as they probably don’t like/know how to play the other class that’s given to them / vice verse.

So here’s my solution: set the matchmaking priority to the classes that are AVAILABLE rather than just a “I want to play this class, pick me game!”
It would for one be a better game consisting of players that know what to do on their class roles rather than having a few clueless people playing a class they despise :confused:

tl;dr If a certain class is available in a matchmaking lobby and the player has that certain class set for their high priority, then they would get it and play as it during the match

But of course there have to be a few thoughts to this idea such as order ques or how long the actual que for a class would be. And I would also like to say that this is specifically targeted at hunters rather than the monster. Keep the monster priority as it is now.

P.S I’d like to address another little issue during matchmaking in general.
One thing I don’t like is the pop up notification of “your class has died.” It’s so unpredicting when you’re trying to chase the monster or while fighting it and you see a notification saying this person just died and now you’re screwed for the fight.

Here’s my story as an example. While my friend and I were chasing a monster and trying to flank it, our medic dies out of the blue and the monster turns onto us and destroys us. It was so frustrating that the only identification of any trouble towards anyone would be a little POI market at the side of your screen which you’ll probably never notice if you’re concentrated at the center of the screen.

So with that given, my suggestion would be to do this: if any of your teammates say got trapped in a plant or are being destroyed by an elite wildlife, then put the notification in the bottom mid of the screen rather than having it as a little arrow POI on the corners/sides of the visual screen. It would give more information to the hunters and actually help the person out.

P.S.S While writing this, something hit my head and it was perfect for this certain topic. As usual, here’s an example. I’m playing medic as usual and while we’re chasing the monster or just walking around, another player’s class would yell out “is our medic doing work?” and I would turn around seeing them at 1/4 of their health.

Here’s my suggestion for that if anything: have an option in the game settings to enable a certain marker over the player’s head indicating they need healing if say they’re 2/3 of their hp. I would also suggest putting in a custom sound for the medic to hear if their ally needs healing to be done as it would help out a lot in so many occassions.
By the way, this suggestion wasn’t just made up, it’s actually in a couple games but particularly in Team Fortress 2 that help the player identify hurt players.

It seems that would be about it for my thoughts on the gameplay, maybe something else will appear to be fixed or changed and what not. But yea, have a good one in the game and have fun! Hopefully these ideas actually get implemented and make “my” life easier :stuck_out_tongue: and by that I mean everyone :smiley: