Matchmaking idea: Flexible preference system


I’ve noticed a few threads discussing the matchmaking issue and even posted my own mini rant about it. Right now the “luck of the draw” method for matchmaking is leaving many people with bad feelings. Reluctant monsters and monstrous hunters both feel that they’re not getting the experience they want. To that end I propose a solution: instead of requiring that I select five preferences, allow me to select as many or few preferred roles as I want. Only feeling like running trapper or assault today? Bam: 1st pref trapper, 2nd pref assault. Only want to play monster games? 1st pref monster and nothing else. Also a check box for “willing to join ongoing game?” would prevent people from being dumped into a game when they want to start fresh. The obvious cost of this would be queue times for people who only pref a popular role and don’t want to join ongoing games. Therein lies the magic of the flexibility. I would willingly wait a bit if it meant I were guaranteed a specific experience. Others that just want to play as quickly as possible can set “no preference” for roles and enable mid-game joining. This game is awesome and a change such as this would help all of us enjoy the game in our own way.


EXACTLY the same to me, i just can’t understand the choices that have been made here. Why the hell am i “forced” to play hunter if i don’t want to ?
At the moment the only way i found to play the role i want is to play solo games.
The only thing i don’t agree with, is the option for joining games. I feel like leavers are the worse thing ever happening to a game, so i’m ok to join games to replace someone who has rage quit or was disconnected.


I totally agree with the idea of a ”wildcard" option in role preferences.

For example, if you select 1st trapper, 2nd medic, 3rd wildcard and 4th monster, then the game would look for1st trapper, 2nd medic, 3rd assault/support and 5th monster. This would allow people to easily preference hunters over monsters or vice versa without having to select a specific hunter class to play as. You could also select 1st wildcard, 2nd support to put support last without having to choose who else to play as.


These are good ideas that could potentially improve the current state of things. The problem is that we don’t really know how the system is working and whether it’s even working as intended. Somehow I feel like if it were as simple as a few check boxes, they would have done something similar already, especially after all the testing.

I’m right there with you: I really hope something like you mentioned gets implemented, but the pessimist in me just sees a fundamentally broken matchmaking system. I mean look how much trouble Halo: MCC is having with theirs.


Do the devs weigh in on this forum? This seems like something worth talking about. If you want a competitive scene, you need high level play. If you want high level play, you have to let people practice the role they want to perfect. What is gained by preventing players from even selecting the character they want most of the time?


I sure hope they are! It’s always hard to know…


They do indeed, although it’s rather late where they are I think, so I wouldn’t expect a response anytime soon. My only issue with your suggestion though is that rage quitting would become a much larger problem, I’m pretty sure practically no one would choose to join matches in progress.