Matchmaking / Hunter bots are broken


Bots are buggued:

I try to use the scouting probe with bucket, they stop moving and wait next to me until I find the monster: LOL!

They get stuck in wall, they aggro the wildlife and keep shooting at it until it dies without moving, for no reason.

Who ever had fun playing a multiplayer game against bot?
HALF the queues I do with my friend, the game start without any other player. It would be at least a bit of fun if we could play one against an other.
A fourth of all game, we are put into an already won game with hunters we don’t even know how to play, then when it’s over, the other players leave. I feel like this game is dead, I’m just happy I did not pay for the DLC.

I’ll probably come back in 2 years when the GOTY edition is on special and play a couple good games with friends in a lan party. Until then, we’re done…


Do you even english bro?

Joking aside, ya the bots are in need of a fix up, them staying behind with a bucket uaving or battling to the death with a tyrant or sloth is just plain irritating :/.


Non et je m’en fout , I’m busy studying how to knock-off genes from transgenic plants in real life. I still took time to tell the devs why their game is failing so hard and my whole group of friends (30 years old people, with a LOT of money who would buy DLCs) decided to ditch this game.


Yea im losing alot of faith in this game really fast, and im hoping they have alot of shit already prepared to release soon and i mean VERY soon, because theyre running out of playerbase really Fuckin fast and the bs is outweighing the good so im getting close to saying fuck it


I came back for a game because of the bucket challenge, they are trying to bring people back with skins and it worked for me. But, how could they not notice the bug I’ve experienced 3 times in the same game as bucket?


I have no idea


It’s not a bug. Bot hunters always stay near human players. If it’s just you, they’ll chill near you no matter what; if there are two humans, they’ll each take one; if there are three humans, the bot will just follow the group.


So you can’t use bucket if your trapper is next to you. Badly designed.