MatchMaking found 5 players, but will not load after 5 have been found

Type (ie. Gameplay, UI): UI/Lobby/MatchMaking
Map/Map Location:
Game Mode: Arcade
Platform: PC

Can you tell us the steps to reproduce the issue or what you were doing when the issue occurred?

  1. I queued in Arcade
  2. The game found 4 other players
  3. The game did not start/put us into a lobby, countdown/map screen, nor character select.

Any additional information (pictures, videos, errors codes, etc) to help reproduce or locate the problem?

Tagging @m3teeh and @ArPharazon

Last morning I had the same problem. It got so bad I actually queued as monster in Hunt. I’ve no idea what is the cause.

So the problem here is that whoever the host of your lobby is, well, s/eh’s in a broken state. Whoever joins his or her lobby will not be able to transition into game. If s/he backs out and restarts the match, it should fix itself…

We need the logs of the host to be able to fix this, and we’ve gotten a ton of logs the past few months, but none of them has been the broken host… :sweat_smile:

If you get this often, please send us game logs!

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