Matchmaking fixed for release?


As Party Matchmaking was broken during both the Big Alpha and the Beta I’m concerned that it’ll still be borked at release.

This is the only thing I’m concerned about, and haven’t been able to find anything concrete on the topic.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the release.



What was broken for you?
In Beta the only problem with matchmaking was the 2-man parties


2 man parties and 3 man parties (on PC) ended up never finding a match.


Yeap devs are saying they found flaws on matchmaking and hopefully it will be fixed by launch.
Only those 2 things weren’t working well.2-man and 3-man parties.


Glad they’ve acknowledged it.

Hopefully the party matchmaking is fixed for launch.


Yes, the only problem with matchmaking (I found o PC everytime) was parties with friends. Playing solo matchmaking is perfect! They will fix that problem so nice.


Playing solo or 4-man or 5-man(5-man won’t be allowed i think except from custom games in launch) was working great.
Matchmaking only had problems when party wasn’t full.Aka 2-man and 3-man.


On closed Beta I played 5 friend parties. They are allowed on matchmaking, but you can´t chose your class (hunter or monster) before the match, you can only chose it when the match starts and you must be faster than the other friends if want an especific class ;P. You earn XP and mastery levels but 5 friends parties doesn´t afect leaderboards.


As far as we all know that was only allowed in the beta and they aren’t letting it fly on release. That’s the last we’ve heard from the devs about it. You will be able to do five in custom games though and possibly unranked(public) matches which they’ve mentioned would be a good idea, but won’t be available at launch.


i hope they intergrate matchmaking points in the future to have a little bit “endgame” in evolve.


Don’t worry, the Beta build was actually rather old. A month or two I think. So we’ll be fine!


Well the matchmaking worked pretty perfectly for my party on our first session.

The smooth launch bodes well for the future IMO.


My two friends and I cannot connect in matchmaking. We’re on Xbox One.
It just keeps “searching” for two other players…


Confirmed 2 man party doesn’t work me and my friends waited for 30 min no party the other time a party was found but he got kicked out the other time I got kicked out… Seriously so expensive game and 4 technical tests + ALPHA and you haven’t fixed the main feature of the game “playing with friends” you should be ashamed and give the next DLC for free turtle rock!!!


2 man parties work for me only about 30-40% of the time after many hard resets and constantly quitting out of the game, same exact problem as the beta.


Appearently the matchmaking is still broken as today i didn’t have the right… i mean THE PRIVILEDGE… to play the role i chose in 5 games. And my role is not complicated, i want to play monster.

Oh sorry i’m lying, i played monster once yeah… Once in 5 games!!! I’m playing solo, i don’t care to support or to heal some people i don’t know and i don’t care, who just brainlessly run around the map…

That system is not making me nervous, it’s making me crazy! I really wonder who decided it would be funny to tell a monster player that he will have to play something else.

Just imagine the situation from another point of view:
You enter the plain to go on holiday to Paris: Oh funny you’re going to Chicago!!! LOL
You go to the restaurant and ask for a nice piece of that giant hamburger? Fuck yeah you’ll get this cute vegetarian dish. But the price is the same.
You go see the last Woody Allen on the theatre: Bad luck it’s the Avengers! and you can’t get out or the room.

Are you guys joking? Seriously…
I love the game, even though i feel like it’s not very well balanced, but with this matchmaking system, do you really think people will stay on this game?
There are lots of funny games around…
Fix this, and give us the oportunity to actually choose between “playing real fast whatever available” and “wait longer to play your role”

(PS: sry for my english)