Matchmaking, finding another hunters. #HUNT BETA



Hello my lovely Turtle. I have 1 suggestion and its about your matchmaking. When I find group of another 3 folks, they have only about 1 hour play time. Ok, i have 170, its not too much but u cant know what is this game about when u have only 1 hour of gameplay. The next big thing is it match us against Monster who has minimal of 80 hours of gameplay at this game!!! What??? Please, i dont know if it is still underdevelopement but God please, try to do something with that. I love this game but when someone in the team dont know how to play his role, then the game is over… But still thank you for not givin up at this game and doing such a great work, love that so much (:

Lukáš Mikeska


As long as there are not thousands of people searching simultaneously, this can’t be properly fixed. Trs can’t magic this to work.

Lets assume that there are 5000players online. Divided on 6 server. 800 on each server (not exact but around there…)
30minute generous for a match with menu time and search time. Five minute search time. So 16% of those 800are searching on average to a given time.
This comes to 130players in matchmaking over all game modes.
Assuming 20% arcade, 20%coop…

80player in hunt beta… Equals 15 lobbies…

How many of those are good player without premade or playing custom?

1 - you. Maybe.


we are all fucked


Are u kidding me? Maybe ur good at math but i dont believe there are only folks with 1 hours of play time after 2 months of free game, thats impossible and hilarious. Sorry i had a gold elite at classic evolve so maybe im good. If u had this rank, then u will know what im talking about + u will not write this. Have a good day, sir.


the alternative is that matchmaking just randomly throws teams together.


There are new players every week my friend, and the vast majority of players of this game only play for maybe an hour or two every week. The hardcore players of the like that come to this forum (yourself and myself included!) are the small minority. We might know the game better than most, but we are unusual in the demographics of the game. :slight_smile:


Ye, thats a good opinion and maybe ur right :expressionless: Im so exited what they will do with ranked games cuz it was limited by lvl (20 or 25, cant remember…) and so the player who came to play it, they sometimes do know what to do with their char, cuz ofcourse they wanted to win and tried their best. If i want to play normal maps, im supposed to go at hunt beta, cuz there are maps like overpower, meteorsmashes or what is it called and i dont like it, ye its fun but i dont like those RNG in it. But they are sayin there is hidden rank in hunt beta but i dont believe that folks with 0,5h played have same rank as me! :expressionless: :smiley: :smiley: Ye most of my playtime im playing with my friends but when they are not here, i cant play it anymore because its unplayable. :frowning: Its just my oppinion about this situation and im sad that i cant play a game without friends who knows how to use their basics abilities like Satelite for Trapper :smiley: :smiley: thats so funny and at the same time sad that your trapper just dont know what to do and when ur trying to help him by voice chat eq. normal chat he do not respond and just do his things :smiley: :frowning: