**Matchmaking/Delay Complaint!**


I have monster as my 1st preferred choice, and i would like to start off with the fact that, when i find a skirmish match, i get the monster maybe 5% of the time. And if i do get the ability to take over a hunter bot, sometimes i will to finish the match to see if i get monster the next round, but i never do. i spend over 1 hour trying to find a lobby within 2 games to be monster, and when i back out at the end of the round, i have to wait 60 seconds to search for another one, why is this? why do i have to wait 60 seconds after i backed out of a game that i finished but didn’t get monster the next round?


play pvp campaign, you’ll more than half of the time get monster, I get the monster very little in skirmish


is that evacuation?


Honestly, until matchmaking is fixed I’ve just been playing custom matches with friends or solo against the AI. Its actually not bad, and since there are so many masteries to complete its been biding the time. I do hope matchmaking gets fixed soon, its awful right now.


Yes it’s evac


Honestly I’ve had no problems out of the game, I see all of this griping, and complaining, but I’ve not had a single problem, good matchmaking, and 80% of the time, I get the character I want, or that are in my top 3. I really hate that this is happening to so many people. I just want a good game (which it is) launch with no problems from anywhere.


yea some times i get lucky and get a good 5-6 monster games in a row. but i still don’t think we should have a wait time for leaving a lobby before a game starts, or after its finished