Matchmaking could use some improvement


The way it is now is really good already. But it’s kinda important for me to have it improved a bit. I came up with a an Idea while posting on steam.

Having everybody press a ready button after choosing their class to set the timer to 0 and start the game instead of automatically readying if you leave the perk screen and being able to trade classes with others after choosing.
Still with the countdown so nobody will be like “give me the assault or the game won’t start”.

Trading classes by sending request if you just press the player who has your desired class(also exchange with the monster).
Also trade with people in a party. Because the worst case is that you get into a game where your 4 enemies are are in a party and you have to play the monster which you want to play as least prioritized character. It has a small but existend chance and can be frustrating if you dont wat to play as monster because you dont feel confident with it and then against 4 players who know each other and probably already played a few games together.
And show which people are in a party maybe with numbers if multiple.

It’s feels just better if you’re able(by yourself) to find a compromise if nobody wants to play the monster (like “you this turn; I next turn” -it’s done automatically as far as I noticed by shuffling a bit but because it’s done for you it feels like you’re forced to in a bad way).

Myself on steam:

"The matchmaking isn’t that bad. I guess it’s some kind of stable matching algorithm which takes the prorities of every player into account while searching a team[(obviously)]. This means it’s trying to get the best solution of providing you with your classes. However if everybody has set Monster to their least wanted role it will pick someone. One more factor is the time you want to wait until joining a match and your connectivity. All this [has a certain] balance.

This is the good part about it being automated. The bad part is that you can’t trade roles afterwards(as hunter its possible somehow but not easy anough to use(like clicking on the [player] you want to exchange your role with to send him a request)). Also theres no ready button after chosing your role to think about it afterwards it just readies for you as you exit the perk screen."
(basically tried to rephrase it as suggestion/request (late in the night(for me at least)))