Matchmaking could need some improvment



get thrown on other team at random (4 games as monster and winning? now be human and get srewd over)

please do NOT force players or atleast give them a question prompt if they want to switch team.

Winning as hunters or Monster both sides get around same XP
This is a weird one that I not figured out how to replicate, But from time to time even with flawless victory, the opponent get more bonus xp (around 40%winner team 60% loser team in survivors killed or survived) so the “loser” get more Xp even in the games he/she totaly get smashed

get matched in skirmish if the lobby dies in evacuation (day 5 and it says we doing “hunt” ?)

Skirmish and evacuation need to be total seperate. Do not match people who want to do evacuation into a skirmish game vica-versa

In general weird stuff

Joining game in play and become"spectator" who can’t do anything or take over for bots

My guess is because the player you suppose to take over for is “dead”. weird part you get a RANDOM xp gain from either a hunter or monster (even if there is another player playing it )


Fill lobby >>> launch games at 1-3 players

Annoying for players taking over the bots, no choice of perks (higher level they do make a great different, recharge do even at rank 2 make it much easier to chase)

Don’t want to be a monster? The system don’t care
Even if monster is the least wanted, if it is the one that is open you still get that slot.

Why not make it seperate Que for who wants to be the monster or human?

Im all for “trying new stuff” but it is less fun to be constantly forced into a roll you don’t want to play or get tired of it (monster, loved you in alpha and beta but already tired of them)

Add more than just hunt to skirmish
Explains itself, player want to play a singel game of other than hunt

Wish but I guess will never happen…

Option to join a game in progress or not
Sick and tired to join a game last 3 mins or where it is already lost and 1+ is already dead hunters

Give the players who join and take over a bot a small xp boost to compensate and make it possible to not join a game in progress when searching for a game, I rather wait 5 min for a fresh game where I can choose what I want to play instead of take over someone else who have no godd perks and picked a weak perk.


I for one would like Skirmish to allow all modes, not just Hunt.


added it to the list


Totally agree with all suggestions of OP.
It’s really annoying to force you joining a day 3-5 game where it usually is completely lost. Or joining a started game at any down bot being smashed by the monster. The matchmaking really need to fill lobbies with all the people wanting to start a new game instead of separate all of them in started and even lost games.
As @FreakyMindcrab said, we need an option to choose what side do we want to play, hunters or monster, just like Solo Evacuation, you can choose your side before start that mode. It is really exasperating wanting to play hunter and never get into them if you play 4v1 evacuation (on PS4). I’ve passed the last 2 days playing 4v1 only as monster (with that class being the last one set on role preferences). I had to go solo or cooperative-only for being able to play as a hunter on evacuation…