Matchmaking Changes for Update 2.08 - Ranked and Hunt queue changes


Hey Everyone!

So we’ve got a lot of feedback over the past few weeks about matchmaking and we’ve sat down with the team to see where we can start improving the matchmaking experience in Stage 2.

With Update 2.08 (August 30th), we’ll be introducing some of our short term solutions that should help alleviate some of the community issues and create a populated Hunt queue for a pure gameplay experience that players have been asking for after the introduction of Map Variants.

So TRS, what is going to happen in 2.08?

Put simply we’re re-purposing two of our matchmaking queues to cover the needs of two different types of players we’ve seen after launching the latest Map Variants. Let’s dive into what is all changing below:

Ranked is removed and replaced with “Hunt Beta”

  • What is this queue focused on?
    • A Pure Hunt experience without any frills, this will be the place to enjoy the classic 4v1 Hunt gameplay we’ve all come to know and love.
    • Giving players the ability to queue as either Monster or Hunter.
    • A hidden skill rating to sort players by appropriate skill.
    • Hunt Beta - Monster
    • Hunt Beta - Hunter
      • Everybody starts with a fresh skill rating.
    • No Map Variants allowed, this is all about classic Hunt.
    • We are investigating giving increased end of round Silver Key rewards for simply completing a Hunt Beta match.

Hunt will become “Arcade”

  • Basically the same as our current Hunt queue, but a focus is put on fun and quick pick up games of Evolve.
  • This will include all Versus Map Variants and is more geared towards having a fun time.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind these are some of our short term solutions towards making matchmaking a better place for everyone. We have quite a few long term goals we’re working towards with our complete matchmaking rewrite, so be sure to keep eyes on the trello board for when we start moving forward with the future matchmaking changes.

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Cool, so no more of the old Ranking system? Because that was a little strange.

If so, goodbye old Ranked mode!


So no more rank divisions?


Hopefully this won’t confuse anyone who isn’t a non forumer :confused: Same with Arcade.

Other than that, I love that Arcade is just to have fun, because that’s what I tell @GoGoGoliath and @SledgePainter all the time!

Confused about this :confused:


So will this include getting rid of ranks entirely? Cuz I’m generally not a competitive person, but when the mood hits me, I really like to have a full-on ranked mode like in Leagues or Hearthstone. I really enjoyed the completely different tone playing took when there was something on the line (even if it was just a rating that doesn’t matter to everyone - it mattered to me). @Insane_521


I think each button can have text next to it that explains the difference; what we want to focus on is:

  • Hunt Beta - pure Hunt experience, separate queues, no map variants
  • Arcade - map variants, regular matchmaking

There will be a skill bucket that we use to help matchmake players according to skill. The same thing exists in what is currently Hunt right now, but it’ll be a separate skill we track. And you’ll have a monster skill as well as a hunter skill.


Oh, so Arcade won’t have matchmaking based on skill? Will it be based on level, or just completely random?


I play it for fun, and I can have fun when I lose, but winning is more often than not, more fun. At least as Monster.


No, it’s still skill, but a different value so we don’t intermingle how you do in each queue. So you’ll have three hidden skill values we track:

  • Hunt Beta - Monster
  • Hunt Beta - Hunter
  • Arcade

And it’s worth noting that the current Hunt queue does matchmake based on skill and not level.


Thank you :slight_smile:


And I’m happy to confirm we’ll have some hint text on the UI so people know the differences between the queues!




leaderboards are gone i guess?


There will be a skill bucket

Flying the ship, preparing the menu, analyzing samples, and now you want him sorting players? Poor robot never gets a break.


Looks like I’ll stop playing Evolve for a while. Ranked was the main reason I was playing it.


5 keys says this is because too many people get too confused/butt hurt about their visible ranking- And see it as a ladder, and not as a system to put you against people who will give you a good match.


Deal!..Even though we can’t give keys but whatever


Dont worry. Itd just cost you 5 keys to find out i was right :wink:



He’s gotta work for that salary!