Matchmaking Cannot Find Game with Friends


Our group has been trying to utilize matchmaking and have had nothing but issues. If I play multiplayer solo I have no issues. However when we try find a game we sit in the lobby indefinitely while it “searches” for more players.

In some cases my friends and I can connect to the same lobby but some can see each other and others cannot however some of the people in the lobby can see everybody.

Not sure if others are experiencing this same problem, if so, please post here.

Note: my XB1 is in a DMZ and I have all ports necessary for Xbox Live forwarded as well. Have not had this issue with other games.


Have tried inviting via xbl party system and using the built in “Invite Friend” feature in Evolve both with the same results.


My friends and I are ALSO having this same problem!!! so aggravating, are we the only groups of people that have attempted playing as a party?


same problem


bump, Turtle Rock needs to identify the issue, likely with 2k servers. I don’t have this problem in ANY other game.


same problem!!