Matchmaking "Bugs"


Hey guys, there are like 10 topics a day on matchmaking. I know it can be frustrating when you keep getting into games and are not the class you want. I get it. But you need to have patience. More often than not you will get your choice once you get through that first game. You can’t complain about not finding a game for however long when the reason you can’t is because you keep leaving. We know Evolve does not have a huge player base currently. It is poison to it when people just constantly leave games and whine about not getting who they want. So please, suck it up, play a character you aren’t used to or don’t like. If you can practice patience, you will have a better experience, and the community will be better for it.
TL;DR Matchmaking doesn’t suck, being selfish does


Well its pretty frustrating when you have the spot you want then someone else takes the spot. tbh im just about ready to get myself killed or the whole team when i get put into a hunter spot.


The only issue I can say that I hate is when I get selected as my 2nd choice when there is an empty slot on my first choice. Yes I can just switch over but I have to catch it in time before someone else joins in and takes it. Or sometimes I have monster as my first choice but it chooses my second choice instead and leaves the monster as a bot.