Matchmaking bug


From this morning I have been unable to join any games succesfully without massive errors.

Hunt - Cant join these games at all. It starts searching, I get ‘players found’ for all slots, then it goes to ‘searching’ for every slot (including my own) then continues to give me the searching circle of doom until I get bored.

Evac - Similar issues as above but with the occasional match that I can join. However when I do get in it says all slots are empty and that I am playing alone. I choose my hunter/monster then get dropped into a game with other players but I am unable to type or speak to any of them. When the round ends the game tells me that all players have disconnected and I must wait to be moved back to a lobby - this doesnt happen and I have to quit manually and restart searching.
A couple of Evac games have allowed me to start joining but on the map-boot screen it gets stuck on the timer and nothing happens and I am forced to exit the game.

I havent had any errors or bugs (apart from steam overlay mouse issue) before now, no idea whats caused this. Is there maintenance going on?

Im playing through Steam in EU.