Matchmaking broken! Disappearing Mouse Cursor! Fix Please!


Sometimes I am in the mood to play the monster. Other times I want to play as the hunters. When I want to play as hunters I make sure that the monster is at the bottom of my preferences. This makes too much sense I know. The one thing that does not make sense is that for 7 games in a row I was placed as the monster when playing the monster was at the bottom of my list.

This is really frustrating. As such I leave and I get penalized. This penalty sucks and in my opinion will lead to players giving up on the game. It is certainly leading me down that path. I am all for penalizing players who leave games early, but how about fixing match making so if you do not want to play as the monster you don’t have to at all… It would be nice to leave after you know know if you will be a monster vs. hunter. How about penalizing players for leaving after the match has already begun?


The reason you keep getting monster is that everyone else is in party. If you are in party you can’t play as monster. So play with friends and you won’t be the monster.


Thank you for the reply. I understand the party dynamic. And I try to use that when my friends on online. The weird thing is that I still am the monster (when it is selected as my lowest) when there are empty spaces in the lobby. I really don’t get that.

Another bug is that my mouse cursor often disappears when shift tabbing back and forth from steam, when I am in game menus. Sometimes my mouse cursor does not disappear when shift tabbing (when I am in gameplay). The latter is really annoying.

I bring these things up because I love the game and I really want it to do well. I wish 2K drops the price soon so as to bring more players into the community.