Matchmaking : Are the rankings separate?


didnt see it mentioned here. will it be separate? Im personally a decent monster player (over 9000 wins, no losses as monster during alpha) but not so good as hunter due to most time spended in monster suit.

That worries me when the actual game release, the ratings are the same.
So if i loose as hunter, this would automaticly affects the rating of monster, and me getting not so challenging hunter afterwards.
Im just looking forward to meet good hunter teams. :smile:


9000? Are you sure?


It’s over 9000!!!


well, it felt like this :smile:


Yeah I highly doubt you won over 9000 though honestly ;O You heard all kind of people brag after the Big Alpha about how awesome they were as monster but in fact Hunter Teams won the most during the Big Alpha ;D


well i know this, and i avoid braging about it. as you see over 9000 is ironic meaning, i could say 170 rounds but thats still not the case i want to talk about :-/


Sounds like hacks to me.


Well the average round time in big alpha was 10 minutes. one day has 1440 minutes, the alpha lasted 5 days, equals 7200 minutes and you are telling me u did 9000 wins wich are in average 90 k hours? sigh …

I get it you won a lot but don’t come with random numbers please … its a bit uncalled imo.

edit: I read the rest I saw you were joking, so its okay.


I have such a hard time believing that hunters and monsters win 50% of the time respectively. The devs made it balanced and the stats are there to show it ( the actual stats on their webpage for the alpha was around 50ish percent) but it seems logical to that the group that requires more teamwork (and hence, effort) would lose more accordingly. I mean let’s face it, unless you playing with buds or come across strangers with mice and actual skill, chances are you are going to get creamed by a good monster player. Maybe it’s because during the alpha I only lost my first 2 monster matches getting the ropes (didn’t know you could gauge your leaps as Goliath, kept leaping straight up wondering why I couldn’t get Markovs lightning rays off me haha). I seriously hope hunters in the beta are more challenging to change my perception of how wins are supposedly shared roughly equally between hunter and monster.


I’ll explain again,

Hunters lost HARD on the first 2 days, only around Sunday they got a hold of fuel management, teamwork roles and map recognition. By monday and wednesday, hunters flipped the stats and start growing in strength. I can talk by experience because unlike you guys I barely played monster and I got to win around 70% of my matches … in the last day I only lost to one monster.


I feel as though the only times I beat the monster was when it was a bad monster player (the teams I played at times, could track like godam experts). Those close games I heard so much of when people posted stories on the forum never happened to me. Either we hunted the monster to oblivion or the monster tore us up as easy as a morning stroll.


Good monster requires only one good play, so if you play a good monster you will see little/no losses until hunter groups start catching up/getting mics (my better hunter wins had at least one other person with a mic)
On a side note it felt like my hunter matches had bought a 50/50 chance of killing the monster, and we definatly weren’t good :stuck_out_tongue:


Well thanks to that damn DBZ joke that refuses to die this thread seems to have gotten side-tracked into a discussion on win/loss ratio between monster/hunter instead of the point. I do suppose only the devs know if a player’s hunter matchmaking score(or whatever it is) will effect their monster matchmaking score or visa-verse.


You have no one to blame but VEGETA!


would be cool when devs would respond, since xmas is over.
but maybe someone saw it mention before me


My guts tell me its gonna be shared ranking. (I hope not)

I got point out I played in PC. Its true, at times it felt like the monster was super bad or vice-versa … but thats because of unexistent matchmaking :frowning: in the last two days people were leveled and we had amazing matches down to the wire at the power relay that we managed to win.

You wouldn’t beleive how much diference it makes when you have one guy at the mic leading the team! Especially defending the power relay.


I found it!~

Forum topic was “The Ranking System” and it was post 9-ish.
So yeah, monster/hunter matching is separate.


That’s what worries me. Will the only times I truly enjoy myself, be when my opponents are using mics? Because as of now, the amount of no mic’ers FAR outwieghs those with mics in pretty much every gaming community. I want a win to require effort in either side I’m playing in. It got to the point where one my last matches the only fun id have would be when I killed off all but one hunter and wpuld just stand around staring at him shoot me in vain and give up. Here’s to hoping matchmaking is applied for the beta.


You played the Big Alpha and you are worrying? Give us a break would yah?!


I rarely lost any games to a monster with randoms each match! I say the same as you do (Almost) that I might fear that I only meet bad monsters! But I don’t care if I get more bad monsters than good cus I know I will enjoy the game anyhow!