Matchmaking and ranked suggestions


OK @snowkissed here goes nothing:
For matchmaking I suggest 4 values:

  1. WLR
  2. Hours played
  3. Individual per-class performance
  4. Comparative statistics between players

That last things needs some explaining. What most players fail to realize that compatibility between players is crucial. You can have team with gold hunters, but you can lose match against silver when all players have different mindset and play style. When everyone expect something else from the rest of team teamwork doesn’t exist. Therefore if all players gave sub-par performance despite calculated skill it is obvious they don’t work as team together. After match ends game will replace one player and if the team performance improves it means that the previous fourth player shouldn’t be paired with those three ever again.

Does it sound too idiotic? :confused:


this one needs explaining

never a good idea. Maybe he was not on top of his game, someone else played, he disconnected. etc.


I didn’t write everything because I was curious where will this topic go. And it went exactly where I expected it’ll go - nowhere.