Matchmaking and Matches in progress



So, I feel there should be some form of toggle-able option for joining a match in progress or not. It happens far too often that, upon searching for a match, I get dropped (without confirmation) into a match that’s well in progress. The issue here isn’t so much joining a match in progress, but more how limited you feel when you get dumped into a match as a preselected hunter/monster with a preselected perk/ability line-up.

As I type this, I’ve just left a match I was put in - 3:45 as Goliath, less than 50% HP and trapped in a mobile arena. Yeah, I’ll just join that, shall I.

The matchmaking before (literally the matchmaking before that one), I was asked to take over from a Maggie bot. Trapper is my last preference option, yet I was placed in a match that has already commenced as my least preferred role… I’m not that picky about what role I get, really, but to be dumped in a commenced match as my least preferred role is a little absurd. At least give me a fresh match as my least preferred role :wink:

Honestly, I don’t mind waiting longer for a new match, just give me the option to do so, please. I’m getting really jaded with the “Matchmaking will commence in x” timer.

All this said, if I’m just stupid, and there is a way to toggle off joining matches in progress, please let me know :smile:

P.S. I play on PC/Steam.


Hmm, I’m starting to get a little annoyed now. 8 matches in a row, every single one of them were already in progress. I feel the current system is punishing people who actually want to see a game to completion, and absolutely ignoring the real problem - people leaving games in the 1st place.

Leave a game, no problem - wait a minute and join another!

Try to legitimately get a full game, of which I intend to see to completion, win or lose - constantly be dumped into games that are already in progress because someone has left/ the game starts without filling all roles.

Long queue times can be frustrating, yes - but give me the option to have longer queue times in order to actually get a full bloody game.

I’ve been playing Evolve for 18 hours now, and I’ve joined more games in progress than actually starting up fresh. And not just slightly, oh no. More than a fair majority of the games I join are already in progress.

I’m too afraid to join an evacuation series because of the amount of people leaving matches.


I agree completely on this, as do MANY other people. I personally have given up on matchmaking completely until I have the option to exclude games in progress from my search. My time is valuable to me, and between search/load times, and then being stuck in a game with a character I don’t want, without the perks I like, who already has 2 strikes, chasing a Wraith (what else is anyone picking these days?) who is running all game until Stage 3, its simply a waste of my time.

I’m just playing against bots until this gets sorted out.


Its just sad, because I feel like I did get what I paid for with this game, and I’m not just mindlessly raging. This is a good game, that keeps me completely on edge, from start to finish of a match… That is to say when I actually get a match on MY terms!

Its so frustrating to think that one simple change is all it would take for me to truly enjoy my experience with this title, but honestly, at the moment, I’m simply frustrated with it.

People speak badly about the formulaic gameplay, well, I kinda like the formula, and at no point did Turtlerock say it would be otherwise. Unfortunately the only formula I seem to be experiencing right now is: Load time into game -> assess the hopeless cause I’ve been faced with -> exit match -> load time to title screen -> wait for leave penalty to time out -> repeat.

Side note: I just got out of a match as support, I joined in the last minute of the match. Hunters won, I thought I’d be okay, since we’ll all be in lobby together, and will have an epic next match. Inb4 everyone in the lobby left.


exactly this is happening. just give disable joing in progress, let us chose hunter or monster and for a disconnect, you can always rejoin the game but will get a loss for an abandoning. while the match is in progress you can not start another one. when you abandon you get a loss, simple as that (dota made something right).


Exactly. For the matches where I do stick it out, people just leave anyway. So sticking it out was a waste of my time.

One solution to this would be to allow me to only play as the monster, so that I wouldn’t care if teammates come and go, but that option is not available either. I just don’t have time to deal with the level of awfulness that exists in public game hunter teams right now, and sadly even when I’m solo I can’t reliably play as the monster, so matchmaking is just a waste for me. Thankfully playing solo is engaging enough and there are tons of masteries to unlock, but at some point this is going to have to get sorted out or this game is going to die off very fast.


There are no where near as many people playing this when compared to something like League of Legends or DoTA, so I don’t think the same leave penalties should apply. The player-base would be severely reduced if a bunch of people are sitting on “reconnect” screens, or have leave bans that last 15mins +. Also, a loss doesn’t mean as much here as in those games, as its less competitive.

A simple disable to joining in progress option, and an xp bonus reward for those who elect to join games in progress would be enough, in my opinion.


why are you a dick to strangers? (just kidding, someone called me that for the same statement)


who exactly said something about bans except you?


There currently is a minute long waiting period after leaving. I was simply saying that extending that period wouldn’t really be a solution, nor would locking people into a game they’ve left, as it would lock out valuable player-base.


why would that be bad? either you play to the end or you abandon and get a loss. super simple stuff. if you want to concede after the first battle, go play solo with AI.


I’m ok with a longer lockout period, but ONLY if I have the option to exclude games in progress from my matchmaking search.


AND hunters/Monster!


I’m not arguing, just saying that people wouldn’t really care if they get a bump down on their WLR on a game like this. Personally, I take a loss on LoL really seriously. I play ranked, and I genuinely care about my rank/LP.

On a game like evolve, I enjoy winning, and I’d love to win most of my matches, but if I do lose, its not the same sort of feeling as I’d experience if I were to lose a ranked LoL match. I’m simply saying that counting abandoned games as a loss (which I’m sure they already do?) wouldn’t stop people from leaving :smile:

From what I understand, the mobile game associated with Evolve is quite successful. It cuts down on the grind time to achieve mastery/xp, so clearly there’s interest in that sort of thing. Slap an xp bonus on joining matches in progress, allow people to disable auto-filling for matches in progress, and problem solved, everyone wins. Hell, if I were a few games off a mastery, I’d take the gamble and join a game in progress in the hopes f getting the class I want and cutting down the time it takes to get said mastery.


Maybe because there is not that much commitent to a Evolve game compared to a lol match? In lol you basically can not give up for the duration of an Evolve game. Then the games tend to go for another 40 minutes… all while you build yourself a character and farm with him.
I think this is a bit sociological, just like pot commitment in poker…

i generally dislike xp boosts, but maybe it can work on the broader audience. Seems like a reasonable idea. Maybe even get an own Badge when you win those matches… Something people can grind on =) thats the thing


Yeah, I see what you’re saying. The commitment on a match to match basis is a huge deal… But titles like these aren’t really compatible to DoTA style games at all. And it may not even be the competitive nature of the game. KDA/WLR are all extremely competitive in mainstream FPS games like BF/CoD, yet people still drop in and out often.

I also see what you mean about committing to a character you’ve spent 20mins building up/farming, but isn’t that very similar to reaching stage 2 at full health and armor as a monster, here?

Honestly, I can’t really put a finger on what it is about dota style games that makes us so committed on a match to match basis. But I definitely feel as though Evolve (although it is a GREAT game) won’t have the same effect on people. Very few games will.

I don’t think there’ll ever be a way to prevent people from leaving Evolve matches, and I do agree with you, xp bonuses aren’t really my favorite things, either (hence why I don’t use the mobile app), but I see it as the best option to solve a bad situation.

Badges for joining matches in progress would be epic, another grind, and another way to gain prestige. Perhaps even a skin, but that may be a bit extreme XD


Monster hunter with Seperate Ques like solo where you can chose to be hunter or monster would be a major improvment (On evac atleast)

If I left the fight, let me join another fight and not the same fight (left the game for a reason, not to play a bot of my least favorite class)

If you played the match for more than 1 min , you be tagged to lose the game if you leave the match.

Give us just a damn report option of end game leavers would be major improvment at this point.

Just…let people choice what they want to play as, seriously rather wait 2-5 min in a que than to take over another damn bot. I paid to play what ever I choice to, not to take other players leftover because their E-penis need to rise on the leaderboard.