Matchmaking Always "Searching"


This seems to only happen when our group gets together in a XBL party and searches for a match. We just sit at the searching for game screen watching “searching” for last player for a long time (we once sat there for 20min waiting).

If we search solo we find games no problem in a short amount of time.

One thing to note is sometimes it will flash that it found a game showing the options for the match on the right side of the screen but within 2sec that will disappear then we go right back to sitting in the lobby looking for a game…


bump this topic because it is getting very old spending half an hour searching for a match…


Its been happening to me the past few days when flying solo, the very same thing and its making it impossible to play online.


it’s happened to me before, the servers might be under maintenance. Stay of for like an hour and hopefully it will get you into a match next