Matchmaking: A Plea (XB1)


I know nothing about how an online multiplayer matchmaking system works, so I don’t know whether the current state of matchmaking is intended or, if not, why it isn’t working as intended. That being said, is it unreasonable of me to ask for one of the following?

-Respect the role preferences (I’d even be fine with top 3-4), instead of frequently shunting me into my least preferred role.


-Ensure that games have 5 active players, especially after starting a game with only 2-3 carry-over players from a previous game. I find that in this situation, empty spots are NEVER filled.


-Let me start games from the beginning so that I can choose my perks and character, instead of constantly throwing me into ongoing games with no control over my setup, and often at a HUGE disadvantage (e.g. Stage 1 Monster cornered with no armour). It’s not fun to have to make up for the mistakes of a bot or previous player.

Seriously, please, I would take just one of these options happily; it’s driving me absolutely nuts to have none of them and it’s ruining a game that, when it works, is an absolute blast to play.


i feel the same way, the only way to over come these issues it to put a team together!!


I actually haven’t tried any party matchmaking yet, although the best experiences I’ve had with the system were when I was lucky enough to just stay with the same group of 4 other players and we just rode the lobby train. That worked great!

How is the party matchmaking? I’ve heard mixed reviews.


it depends on all the partys internet connections, from my experience it has been great. when you are in a party you are unable to become the monster and i prefer that :smile:

did you wanna have a game and find out for yourself?


I haven’t tried it, but I am looking for people to play with. I am a Goliath, would any of you like to play against me? I hate getting into lobbies where no one is talking or where there is no teamwork. iZeedy, look me up on XB1.


My Gamer Tag is TH3N3X add me I’m keen for a game. we just need to hope the players we are matched with are good at team work :smile:


Added you TH3N3X


Awesome i nay have just found another player too


Great! I might just do that tomorrow! I’m Enoch420; you guys can all feel free to add me :smile:


will do :smile: