Matchmaking 2.0 is a true disaster

Guys… What did you do? Everything was fine finding a game back then , now i’m AT LEAST waiting for 30 min to play. Do you really think this is worth it?

Are you onto some workaround? I mean for me now the game is barely enjoyable, i don’t have this much time to waist…

I enjoy this game quite a lot so that’s why i’m a little disapointed by now.


What region are you playing on? The system is fine, but it does rely on having people playing. They can’t do anything about that (that I know). I’m not sure they would program a matchmaking system designed for few players in mind.

One thing they did is a few days ago open region locks a little so that the EU can MM with USA East. There are a few things they are doing to try and help things as they look for a more long-term solution, but they won’t comment on these because they are temporary fixes to ease things a little. Once they have a long-term solution they will talk about it and get it out ASAP. They’re putting in a lot of hours on this :smile: