Matchmaker and microphones?

I have mentioned it on other threads about the matchmaker and decided to write my own post.

I have found the matchmaker keeps teaming me up with 2 or often 3 hunters, none of whom have a working mic for whatever reason. Then there are many complaints of people waiting a long time in the matchmaker. An issue i have not come across particularly.

Maybe there is some correlation? There certainly is for me, after losing my first two placement matches embarrasingly badly, and being teabagged i decided on the 3 mic rule for myself. it is as follows:

The 3 Mic Rule

  • If 3 out of the 4 hunters do not have a working mic, leave the matchmaker and rejoin until you find a group with 3 out of 4 working mics. Thereby giving you and your team some chance of victory.

  • If people don’t have mics, because they don’t care that i want them to talk, or they are getting it fixed or whatever other clever and minority reasons people can come up with, that’s all well and good. Its your choice, i just don’t care. All i care about is people with mics.

The reason for this is simple. I don’t want to end up in the bottom division of people that aren’t using microphones, because you will probably never get out of it. Why they aren’t using microphones, in a competitive pvp team based game, i have no idea. I don’t really care. All i know is i don’t want to play evolve with them unless at least 2 other people have a microphone on my team.

So this could be a contributing factor to long matchmaker times, especially if more serious hunters like myself start adopting a similar approach to matchmaking. And rightly so. Then people might actually start using their mics more. So be aware.


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I agree with you 100%

Selfish, experience spoiling for others, not enforceable, not practical in regions with multiple langauge use where English not default language…

Solution to your issue = make a Hunter team of friends who all use microphone or for the sake of the community suck it up and just play.

Doesn’t matter how many times you try to justify your selfish need to put your own experience ahead of that of others.

Division position will change, go up or down. You won’t be winning money or real world rewards for tailoring your ranking. You claim it’s down to hunters using mics but it sounds more like you are avoiding hunter team make up you don’t think will win.

Hunt 2.0 required players to ‘play’, when you back out it forces ALL other players to see this image, where currently match making can take 10 or more mins to find a full lobby and you apply your logic…


Doesn’t really matter. 2 game crashes can drop you a whole division apparently.

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I agree with the guy before me. Suggesting people to leave lobbies for reasons as not having mics is a bit irresponsible, and clearly dangerous to the game, now that we have a reduced player base.

Maybe what’s needed is a bit more of flexibility while playing with others. Some people might not want to play with mics. Some people might even win games without resorting to the use of mics. OPs’ is just a preference, which is understandable, but that shouldn’t be enforced on others.

This is just my 2 cents, of course.

Im not replying to the COckney guy, because he appears to be clueless as to the definition of the word selfish. Maybe if he wants to play a team based game without a mic, he should be the one to get 3 friends and go play ranked mode with them in happy oblivion in how to actually win a game against any half competent monster.

Listen mate, i hear you. I am usually all for giving pople a chance. Played lots of multiplayer games both on PC and console. Ill raid with new people, ill do all kinds of samaritan things. I am not heartless.

However, this is not an MMO. Its a pvp competitive game now with a ranking system. I will not be flexible. Being flexible in Evolve means, getting rofl stomped and watching the monster teabag you prone corpse, while you boggle at the people you are being ‘flexible with’ as they run all over the map oblivious to what each other are doing. The only way you can win is to rely on playing bad monsters which is no way to play.

I won’t play a ranked game with one hand tied behind my back because people want to play a 4 player team game mode without being able to communicate. Please explain how that doesn’t make sense to anyone. If you want to play without a mic, go play evac or arena, ranked play clearly isn’t for you. (not you personally who i am replying too, jusy players in general).

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People seem to think that not having a mic automatically makes you worse than everyone else…It’s rude, selfish and quite frankly ridiculous. If you want to totally ruin the game for people who can’t talk you don’t deserve to play it yourself.


Not talking to me but spend most of your ironic ramble talking at me?

Definition of selfish here @shaw815 is ‘play how I want or I will quit out taking 4 other players with me and I JUST DON’T CARE’.

Did that clear it up anymore or do I really need to go full on sarcasm?

*Can really see a ‘Player’ version of Hunt being added in the coming months just to let people enjoy Hunt without the arrogance that Ranked Ego modes brings out in players like the OP is showing


The insinuation that all micless players are bad is also quite disgusting…You could say “quit whenever you get bad players” and while it wouldn’t be agreeable, it wouldn’t be as bad as this senseless geberalization.


Im not insinuating anything, so don’t start going all left wing and blowing everything out of proportion like someone always does on these forums. I have no doubt some micless players are absolutely pro.

However my experience shows a lot aren’t. And that in fact, a lot are terrible. Ill say again. FROM EXPERIENCE. Find me someone here that consistently runs with micless randoms and beats skilled monsters.

So i am not willing to lose 10 games to find that one micless team full of the chosen ones. Sorry. if you think thats disgusting, then go figure.

The fact is unless you play a bad monster, ranked play without mics is a non starter.

Do you truly think differently? You think i micless team of randoms can beat good monster players?

Yeah, this thread isn’t going anywhere, sorry. It’s a situation of “this is the way I like it and this is the way I want it to be”. No point in arguing or expressing opinions. Bye.

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From “experience”, I am tired of mic players who behave like commander. I am also tired of mic players who constantly blame other people for failure but never themselves.

As you are living in the UK, you should understand that most EU players’ native language is not English. As the other folks do not require you to speak with them in French, German, Italian or Spanish, you should not require other people to speak in English.


Those are called BAD PLAYERS AND THEY EXIST IN THE POOL OF MIC’D PLAYETS AS WELL. Strip drawing lines between mute and bad. I’ve seen JUST as many, if not MORE, bad players with mica than bad players without.

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We get it, you can stop your crusade to gain support for your ‘selective tailoring’ of the new ranked mode.

May those you annoy with your conduct on your platform of choice offer more understanding when you reset the search.

I very much doubt it.

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Disagree completely, I dislike elitism over mic use.


Exactly, and nothing is more infuriating than the one guy with a mic who comes in and acts like he’s the only good player on a team.

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Definition of selfish, classic response from a guy who cannot for one second listen to and digest the argument coming the other way.

Ok ill lay it out for you so you might understand. Here are some true statements;

  • Hunter play is TEAM BASED. TEAMS work better with COMMUNICATION. Fact.
  • Not having a MICROPHONE, disables COMMUNICATION, essential for TEAMWORK.
  • RANKED system means games actually matter. So some people want COMMUNICATION.
  • COMMUNICATION is the only way to beat good monster players.

Not having mics on a team, reduces your chances of winning, and makes beating skilled monsters almost impossible. Who likes playing a competitive game and not having a good chance of winning?

None of this is rocket science mate, its pretty simple. You sound like the guy who rocks up for ranked play, when you could pick arena or evac, and drops into lobby without a mic. You then are probably the guy that wont pick a class if it isn’t the exact class you want so the lobby times out. You are probably also the guy that runs off on his own, ends up 100+ from the team and finds the monster dies, instantly, and loses the game before it even starts.

If you aren’t that guy apologies, but from my experience this is the way micless games USUALLY go. Not always. Every 1 in 10 or so you find good players without mics, but you really think a ranking syste works by losing ten games to win one? Lol?

If you are in that mindset why play ranked? Yu clearly don’t want to be successful if you are so strongly advocating not using mics. So go play evac? Or arena? Given thos choices and your predisposition to continue playnig ranked mode team based pvp without a mic, against a single opponent that can annihalate you without needing any such communication, you must simply be new or crazy.

Again, putting words in my mouth. Quote me the part that i said mic players are all pro?

However, why intentionally stack the odds against yourself? WHy would i choose non mic players over mic players, especially as experience shows micless players get rickrolled more than a mic stacked team?

More bad players with mics? Lol, sure. We are talking about things we have n facts to back up so its pointless anyway, but you surely no what you said there is complete rubbish?

Except you’ll get players like me, who may have a dog that has a mic fetish. I have spent £150 on £15-20 mics over the past 7 months. I’m not buying anymore. And also if you end up in bottom division you will quickly work your way up as you will be against terrible Monsters.

My problem with matchmaking is the ‘undetermined’ part. I have played 4 of my 10 Hunter matches and lost 3 of them. The 1st I wandered around getting used to Jack. The second I domed a Stage 1 Behemoth, and then again as it evolved allowing us to kill it. The Third match I got a Behemoth at Stage 2 and it duked out my whole team, so I around about using my beam to hold it off, on my own, until they came back. Just for them to die instantly. The 4th one I found a stage 1 Kraken and domed it a second time right after it evolved. I find, trap and push back the Monster like I’m meant to. All the Assaults do tiny amounts of damage, I found a good Hank but the other supports (all Sunnys… weird) were terrible and the Medics were average at best. So I have lost 3/4 even though I have played well in 3/4 (I did terribly in the first game) so until I finish the determining stage I constantly get terrible players so I’ll probably be a Bronze Destroyer when I finish.

Clearly this thread has been swarmed by micless players that just love winning only occasionally, and rest of the time getting rickrolled and teabagged by monsters.

Just to clarify. Im talking about PUG games with the new matchmaking system. The ranked one. Not premades. Random people without mics.