Matches have become increasingly one-sided


The remaining Monster players are either super-pro or below par. In the past month, I have yet to experience a fight I would consider evenly matched. The sub-par Monsters will regularly lose to any random pub, whereas the higher end of the Monster scale will wreck pubs at Stage 1.

It has gotten to the point where when I bump Monster to my first choice, I have to fully commit a serious effort, or not bother at all. There is no longer any middle ground; either I go full-out try hard, or I get destroyed. On the Hunter side, we either knock off 1/2 hp at Stage 1 (and win soon thereafter), or I have to split my attention between tracking & healing b/c the team doesn’t understand that you don’t follow the Monster’s direct path (4+ strikes by Stage 3 b/c only using Jetpack for emergency dodge is hard, apparently).

There are so few regular players remaining that we are left with a highly polarized playerbase. I’m disappointed, but not especially surprised. I won’t go into fixes or ‘what could have been’, just glad I got a hefty discount for the preorder :frowning:


I play on Xbox and I personally… I don’t even know what this is anymore. I win EVERY pub game as monster. Admittedly, while I like to think I’m a sweet Goliath player, that’s not that hard against unorganized randoms. But then I get put into the hunter team… and… well, every hunter game I play, like legitimately 8-9 out of ten, we win still. I just almost always win. I mean, it’s cool, I’m not complaining but it just feels right. I was just shitting all over these guys, how come they suddenly play good enough to win when I’m hunter, y’know?


Just got in a premade match i could tell it was premade they all the the same symbol :confused: fighting in wraith’s trap as goliath, couldnt do anything against caira, hank, torvald, griffin combo… at stage 2 -_- even at stage 3 it was a struggle lost while i killed hank and caira once… just once each at stage 3 >.> they were good, but i havnt had this much of a disadvantage since i was learning the game :confused:


Knockback nerf hasn’t hit you yet, just wait man


Oooh, crap… There’s… there’s further nerfs coming? :frowning:


Oh yeah.
You know that extremely helpful thing where when you push someone into a corner you can keep them there?
Not anymore.
Go Kraken or Go Home lol


I cried.

That’s worth a RT. :frowning: RIP in grapes my Pimp Gold Goliath


I’m safe with cute monster Goliath he’s dreamy


Well console Monsters can still dream… The knockback change on PC was supposed to be a ‘test’ and if you’d have any common sense you would conclude that it has failed miserably in it’s current state and won’t push it on consoles with the next title update. Because oh boy… leaving the majority of customers drown in a sea of salt for 10 weeks until the next possible title update? Yeah, good luck with that.

And I tried Kraken today for 3 games after not touching him at all for about 2 months and well… it’s sad, but he works so unbelievably well compared to the other Monsters… especially compared to my beloved Wraith… rip


I’m still learning this game but it seems to me that Goliath just has to take too much damage to separate the Hunters. I can win most games but against a team you have to be perfect to win, even after the Hunters make a few mistakes.

With certain setups there’s just too much damage to Goliath and too many opportunities to cancel out his damage done to the Hunters. Getting a Stage 1 down is nearly impossible against a group of friends, and in no way is Stage 2 balanced with the amount of damage and shielding/healing.