Matched with indian people?


I’m from EU.
I got matched with players from India.
I was monster.
Guess my ping =DD

I get the new MM makes players of the same skill level to play together. But I’m pretty sure you can find players who can beat me in EU :stuck_out_tongue:
They were probably premades too (at least 3 of them), so obviously, it didnt make things easier.
I had to give up and concede the win. ;_;


OH wait hang on a sec.Your in-game-name starts from A???


Altus Corvus, yup.


oh…MaxDamage here…lol. I was the medic…xD


Yeah I figured.
As you saw, I was pretty helpless on this game. I dont doubt you and your team (I guess they were your friends?) could have brought up a good challenge, but I find it sad I didnt have the tools to play at my ‘true’ level.


Yea, I agree. After all, in an online match, ping matters! I don’t blame you.:slight_smile:


Aaand again 300 ping.
With 200 ping hunters.
Thanks servs, maybe start the game by “Hunters win” we’ll save some time.


Stop using indian proxy


Yup, pings matters greatly in this game. Can swing both ways easily, but typically the monster player suffers the most.

I want an option to not be matched with pings over 150. Or against anyone not in my geographical region, and not based on Download Region setting in Steam…