Match replay is boring


I hate to wait and look the map replay. It doesn’t interest me at all at the moment and I don’t think I’m the only one. I would like there to be some kind of skip button and if enough people wants to skip it, then skip it.


That screen is actually there to invite other people and stuff like that. It’s not actually for the replay. The replay is just there so you have something to see why you get ready for the next game.


Invite others while your team is full?


Hell no. This is important. It shows how the team works together and the monster’s tactics. It can inspire the team to try new things. I’d be surprised if your opinion is anything close to a fraction of a majority.


That’s why I want it to be optional. Vote kind of thing. I do understand that for some (or most??) it’s important. If I reeeaaallyyy wanted to learn something from that thingy, then it should be able to rewind, stop and fast forward so that I could look specific points more carefully. Now it’s meh.


It’s kind of a time where people can decide to back out with no penalty. I like the map replay as that actually helped me beat Plaff once (at least I think we beat him that match lol)


Move that penalty time elsewhere then. Like character choosing screen and increase it’s time. There’s skip -button, at least.


on the contrary… i´d like some controlls over the timeline, like pause or single step trhough the events. maybe even a little textbox:

monster reached stage 2: 4:45
markov incap: 6:42
markov died: 6:57
monster reached stage 3: 8:40

and so on


^— you got it. Now it’s just lines here and there shown way too fast. For me at least.


It’s also the chance you get to leave the lobby as well and have someone be replaced.


I answered that above. Or suggested…


Yea I saw after.


I would love to be able to slow that bastard down and zoom that’s for sure. A bit more functionality and it could be really really useful.


Wonder if the app has controls on the replay speed?


It does – not sure at what exponent it scales up, but final speed setting seems about the rate of the in-game replay.


Doesn’t the map replay end as soon as everybody has readied up ?


Yes, but with the Hunter’s Quest app, you can watch your old replays


I agree with the op it should be skippable unless it is buying time to run stuff in the background like matchmaking.

In theory players should be able to skip it and review other items while the lobby loads. Stats, emblem editing, change preferred character class, change character skins, etc…


You can do exactly what you ask for on your my2k account :smile:

but yes I agree that’d it’d be awesome to see in game…



AFAIK, that screen is a transitional state that is necessary to match making functionality, allowing you to skip a map, or selecting maps between campaigns. It’s also unfortunately a place where sticking alot of UI is really expensive so our hands might be tied as to how in-depth a UI functionality can go on in there. At least the mini-map is something you can look at during this necessary transition state, rather than a static loading screen, which isn’t really loading anything. @Miel might be able to ascertain the feasibility of sticking more in there if I’m wrong.

I do agree that would be a cool feature to have.