Match Recording


This game really needs a feature similiar to what csgo has in it’s demo files that you can download after a match. It’s really fun to be able to watch the game through the eyes of your enemies.


If you know them you can just ask them to record the match for you, if you’re on PS4 that is, Xbone only does 15 seconds I think.


On Xbone it’s about 30 seconds but when using the actual GameDVR app, you can record at least up to 10 minutes, so I suppose you can manage to fit one game in that time span, I suppose! :smiley:


I’m on PC so neither of those options work for PC gamers. Yes I know Nvidia has it’s own built in stuff and so does AMD but what I’m asking for is the DEMO ability so you can watch the game through your opponents eyes and not just your own… something you wouldn’t be able to do if you used some sort of third party recording.


this would be a pretty cool ideal.


PS4 Share should allow you to do this as well.


I don’t think it will be as cool as games like CS CoD or BF because of the different game styles

it’s not like you have a lot to miss while fighting against one monster or a few hunters the hunters especially on the account that not one person is shooting you and it takes a darn lot of time to kill that beast :smile:


Actually Evolve is even better to spectate than a lot of other games. If you’re at Gamecom or anything, you definitely feel it whilst watching live.


spectating yeah its freaking awesome, I’m talking about the kill cam the guy mentioned