Match making system is broken


I find it just about impossible to play public matches anymore, it seems to just be filled with people who barerly know how to play, I can’t tell you how many times I have joined as Lazarus and yet people keep reviving whenever they get the chance or when I just play as a medic and there is a Hank on the team he seems to forget he has the shield projector, you get the point. I have heard something about skill based match making but that clearly ain’t the case.


The game has been out almost 2 weeks and they have released maybe one or 2 patches, this isn’t something as simple as hitting the on button on the make it work machine.


2 patches???


I don’t think there has been a single patch,
I heard something about a day one patch but i don’t remember downloading anything,
I know a patch will be here by next week maybe.


So matchmaking is based off of data provided by you the player and everyone else playing the game, from the moment you start to your last rage quit it tracks you, it uses that info and tries to compare it with all the other info of every other player looking for a game as fast as possible, the type of data, comparisons, and coding are never perfect at the launch of a game, even more so with crossplatform games.

Server side patches don’t get downloaded to your console

Give it time.