Match Making Addition


When you are tossed in the lottery roll to join a game, would it be possible to add a pre-join pop-up?

My first thought is for games already in progress, but before that works as well. So if I queue and the system finds a game-in-progress, then it would present me with a set of game stats and extend an offer for me to join or to pass.

Game Stats: would include who is playing, everyone’s health, amount of time the match has been going and the open positions available to choose from
Accept Offer: I pick an open bot spot then proceed to join the game.
Pass Offer: It locks me from that room for 2 minutes and continues the search.

Accept Offer Note: If multiple positions are open and I pick the open support slot, it should re-queue the room to confirm its still available. If not then it should return that the position is fill and present the updated stats of the room.
GUI Note: Located between the Accept Offer and Pass Offer choices should be a stat listing available rooms with open slots.

It just occurred to me that this is akin to a ‘random room’ finder for games that have a lobby system. However, we don’t currently have a lobby system so this is to improve on your current one that appears to be designed to force players to play different class types - which has been nice on one or two occasions, but causes me more grief than anything :frowning:
This design is simple enough that porting to console shouldn’t matter since its either accept offer, or pass offer.