Match crashes


Today I have been experiencing odd crashes during gameplay, all of them have been during fights with the monster, all of the characters freeze in place except for me yet I can still move around and shoot, it’s rather bizarre and I have to constantly leave games that freeze and crash but this has never happened before the patch.


Same here. Steam profile not assigned and connection does not exist shit, I am so pissed off right now. All pubs filled with this unbalanced T4 shit, game crashes. Can’t have 2 games with 2 different sets of hunters, and this fucking Crow is the most broken thing in the game now - he just forces monster to RUN RUN RUN RUN and as I remembered almost noone loves RUN RUN RUN part. I do, but even I got pissed off by cirling map 5-6 times as Kraken to get stage 3 and constantly being aware of this fucking Gobi on my ass. I could hardly stage up with this all-seeing shit, he sees even through fucking walls. Only relief was that I defeated this annoing bastard. Eh.


Tell me about it, I lost 3 matches in a row as stage 1 behemoth (all on the same map btw, thanks random map generator) and continuously got to the point where I could evolve, but they kept finding and trapping me no matter how far away I got and how well I hid my tracks, thus I couldn’t evolve, couldn’t eat to regain armor, and decided to simply die every time I knew I’d lose