Matadurr is back, baby


So after a long hiatus of getting fed up with Hunt 2.0’s many flee-till-3ers, I’ve come back to Evolve to play with friends in quick play and customs to just have fun. I am now hooked again, and despite my focus on Wasteland Maggie now (regular Maggie, its been a fun 700 with you…), this is how I want to end every single Evolve match from here on out. (gif)

P.S. I love you guys


There has never been a feeling like thunderstriking a flying Kraken for the win… it is THE BEST.


Welcome back :slight_smile:


Ah, the satisfaction of punching a Kraken to death.


it’s what everyone has wanted to do since Kraken became an overused [REDACTED] (If I explained what Kraken has become, I would be banned for a millennium and locked up in a high security prison.)


oh you dont about satisfaction,Thunder strike a gorgon on the wall,who´s about to pounce you


Welcome back!

I think the elite mastery for thunderstrike is based on how fun it is to finish a monster with a flying smash :smiley_cat:


Oh trust me, I share that sentiment. Against a good strafing Kraken…so hard to hit with anything on consoles. I miss the aim assist to this day.


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