Mastery Tracker on UI in game

Would it be possible to have an toggle-able ui element added that would give you a live update of your current characters masteries (both monsters and hunters), especially since some of the higher level masteries have complicated prerequisites?

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You do know that as you complete a characters elite progress it will tell you the percentage, as you improve in the mastery

This already happens when you hit 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% on progress on a star.

What if you don’t understand what the prerequisite is asking (as some of them can be somewhat cryptic) and you spend a whole match doing something only to learn that none of it counted towards the mastery? Because I’ve done that.

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I’ve done that for slim when you have to revive after spore gunning the monster,I thought it was the bug revive but you have to do the revive personally don’t you?

Does anyone know what Lennoxs get x amount of killing blows mean?
Trying to 3 star her but do I have to get final hit on the monster with that jump move if so that’s going to be hard!

Slim it can be manual revive but the bug also works. The monster has to be in the spores while said person is being picked up.
For Lennox, yes, her thunder strike must be the final blow.

I do. I actually have all of the original monsters and trappers elited up, but knowing that when I was doing that “one thing” to master my last ability/gear would have helpped, instead of sitting there half way through a match going “Do I need to warp blast with supernova up one more time? Or can I actually start playing for real now?”

The best way to do that is to do solo arena, you can get multiple points towards it in one match.

Yes you have to kill the monster with the Thunder Strike 10 times, just do solo arena, make the monster stage 1 and no armor and it shouldn’t be too difficult

Yeah, final hits. It’s actually really easy.

Solo Arena

Maggie, Caira, Any Support

3 Matches to Win

Monster Stage: 1

Armor: None

Favors: Hunters

Wildlife Population: Low

This will make it really easy.

I see, I have all characters elite; the way that I did it so that I didn’t worry about doing it online where I could lose the game or not give it my all was just going into solo mode and grinding it out. Might be boring but I know that I won’t make anybody upset and I can get it done quickly with my preferred settings.

Thanks guys for your feedback Arena it is then…!!