Mastery buff and perk buff question


I know this may be a stupid question, but do mastery abilities and perk buffs stack? For example if my Goliath has 2 stars in rock throw, and it increases the damage output by +5%, and the perk at the menu increases damage output by +15%. Will I have a total +20% damage increase on rock throw? Or if I choose the damage perk does it cancel out the mastery damage of my rock throw and just make it +15% damage increase? I’m 99% sure they do stack in this regard, and the only thing that doesn’t stack are perks and buffs (because it will choose the highest value).


You have it right, they do stack! Masteries and perks stack, but monster buffs and perks don’t. In that second case, you will always get the stronger of the two if you happen to get an overlap.


Awesome thanks for the clarification!!