Mastery boost in app and game


Can someone explain mastery boost in the hunters quest app and the mastery boost in the evolve game. Because I don’t think my characters in the evolve game have received the character mastery boost yet. I have linked my2k account for both the game and app.


Mastey boost in the app boost each star for a character to 50%. Each time you’ll start or level up a mastery, you’ll start at 50% already done :wink:



I haven’t linked up yet but will it give me anything since i’m already working on my 3rd star for cabot?


Honestly not sure. It takes 2550 app mastery points to fully upgrade a character to 50 percent so it wouldn’t take two long to test it.


I’d like to know this one as well.


Well I started playing Caira a lot and didn’t buy anything but the first stars before so I had to buy the second stars even when I already was working on the third. I then bought the third in which this was how it was.

Healing Grenade Launcher went from 192/??? to 642/900
Acceleration Field went from 15/100 to 65/100
Napalm Grenade Launcher went from 9/170 to 94/170

So it worked for me, it just adds half of the final number needed. But for the Healing Grenade is 900 correct because I’m pretty sure it was less than 900 before but it says 900 now.


Good to know!


I’ve been doing mine and linked all masteries for every character possible. Not one has gotten the mastery boost yet. Not. A. Single. One. It’s been almost 3 days now.