Mastery Bonuses force you to use stuff that you dont want


I NEVER want to use abduction or the tongue grab ect but im forced too or else the dmg gets nerfed on everything they should really consider changing that maybe you only lv up the stuff you actually use?


I don’t think I understand whats going on

I changed subject to a suggestion


I don’t understand this either.


I’m assuming you mean the mastery bonuses? If so then it makes sense to have to use all of your abilities or kit. To truly ‘master’ a character then wouldn’t you have to know how to use all of their abilities effectively? That’s just my opinion of course. :smile:


I dont care about mastering a character i care about it actually affecting the balance of the game if i dont master a character then they hold the extra dmg for everything ransom its so stupid…smh progression systems are the worst thing about video games nowadays i mean i know they are made to keep you playing the game longer by locking everything behind a timewall but its so annoying


For me that’s part of the fun. Trying new builds whilst getting masteries with abilities I might otherwise never use. I can understand it being annoying for some people though.

By the way I’m not sure whether you already know this, but in hunt 2.0 everyone has the 3 star mastery bonuses by default to make it an even playing field. I’m fairly certain anyway, unless my memory is failing me. :smile:


But… Wraith without abduction? Behemoth without tongue grab?

That’s like kraken without his snowballs. Ooh wait…


More like Kraken without Vortex, u just can’t Cracken without it


You are correct, sir. 3-star perks too.


Thanks for clarifying that. :wink:


It takes 10 min + per game to find a match on that so i cant play it…should be like that in the base game


Well. Dunno why that was directed at me but okay. I was simply clarifying that perks and everything that is locked behind a “timewall” is unlocked in Ranked. Don’t want to wait? Then don’t play it, I guess would be my best advice.

Second of all, it doesn’t hold the 10% ransom till you finish the entire tier. If you finish the 3rd star, you get the bonus to that ability. Don’t like tongue grab? That’s fine but your tongue grab will forever remain at 5% damage. Or whatever the stat boost is. The other 3, however, will get the boost.

The only thing that would affect you at that point would be not receiving elite status or the elite skin with Behemoth. If that doesn’t bother you either, then you’re golden. Never have to use that skill again once you get 2 stars. (Which imo, is a terrible decision anyways - tongue grab, if you land it regularly, is a crazy good opener for your combos)

The way the skill trees work right now, it’s just silly not to at least sink 1 point into an ability. Not the biggest fan of Charge, myself, but it’s like 400 something free damage that does have situational usage. You never know when a free chunk of damage or the utility of a skill might come in handy. Just take 1 out of Lava Bomb and put it in Tongue Grab. You never know, you might find a really good use for it.


I was simply clarifying to everyone why i cant play it since it was getting suggested to me. The other 3 will NEVER get the 10 percent unless you get the first and 2nd star on ALL of the abilitys same with hunters


The mastery is there to help your game, take goliath’s 3 star rock throw, all you need to do it is rock throw hunters in air. Why? Because when you start getting to high level play you need to rock hunters in air. They’re there to help learn combos and if you pay attention to what they demand, you’ll start to see the correlation.


The mastery is there to keep you playing the game longer


Yes and with time you’ll get better, with time your ability gets better, with time you’ll see what I mean.:innocent:


The thing is though, the way TRS has changed Monster plays and skill builds over the course of this game… it’s really not all that viable to simply not use a skill.

Back in the days, some people would start Goliath with 3 points in Flame Breath. And it was fairly viable, too.
Whether they did that or not, most Goliath players would have 3 in Rock Throw, 3 in Leap Smash and 3 in Flame Breath at the end. No Charge.

I’ve relied on this stage 3 build for a long time, probably much longer than I should’ve considering TRS was pushing the balance of every Monster to a state where 1 point in 2 abilities is just far stronger than 2 points in 1 ability.
I still hate Charge, but I’m forced to use it. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get Goliath elite, simply because the only mastery missing was Charge and this was the case for over 6 months.
But… you just can’t do that anymore. You need to spread out your points nowadays because unlocking the initial skills is mandatory to get good Hunters down. 1 maximized ability really isn’t nearly as strong as it used to be at launch.

For Goliath, this is super true. For Kraken, somewhat.
Wraith? I can understand people not putting a single point in Decoy. I don’t either.
Behemoth? Some people have tried to run him without Rock Wall. Try that on PC. You’ll get shredded even faster than you normally would for picking such a bad Monster on PC. :slightly_smiling:

Masteries forcing you to grind abilities that you don’t care much for won’t be a problem in the future, because TRS is again changing up the different value boosts from spending subsequent points in the same ability and you’re really gonna have to invest in all 4 abilities,

You’re gonna have to learn to adjust and implement Tongue Grab and Abduction in your skill builds after all.


I dont pay attention to meta ect i just use stuff i like (hate rock wall too)


It has been teased (NOT confirmed) that soon ™ there will be no more mastery bonuses. I assume the masteries will only serve the purpose of badges and elite skins.

One of the reasons is Kraken which has misses out a ton of damage without mastery. (Non-elite Kraken pull down the winrate so that he doesnt seem that OP in telemetry)


Getting the first and second stars in an ability are pretty easy. You can farm them in a short time using custom solo matches to speed it up. If you haven’t used an ability enough to have earned the second star in it, then you probably haven’t used it enough to make a sound judgement on whether you ‘like’ it or not. The masteries will not keep people playing longer, most monsters can be elited in just a few hours playing solo custom matches. They are meant to encourage you to use all of a characters abilities often enough that you get a feel for how they work.

Before you say that you shouldn’t have to get the first two stars just to get three in the other abilities, the answer is that you are not forced to do anything, it is simply conditional. If you want the elite mastery bonus in quickplay then you have to get at least 2 stars in all abilities. If you want to play the game you had to pay for it first.

Think about it like the forums. You don’t have to be on the Evolve forums to play the game, but if you spend a little time on the forums it can improve your experience. Just spend a short time getting expert mastery in those ‘unused’ abilities and then you will never have to use them again if you don’t want to.