Masteries lowered?


So i saw a post a while ago talking about reducing masteries again and I was wondering if that was coming to console. I dunno if these were actually intended for patch or they were just ideas or maybe they just haven’t gone through yet


Bruh is has already come to console…


They were already implanted in consoles, check the patch notes


I just want to clarify that i saw something in regards to reducing them even more then they did the first time around in case there was any confusion.

They had some reductions for Behemoth as well like the 3rd star tongue grab


I think the mastery changes are actually just updates done through signing into multiplayer (meaning you won’t even know there’s an update), but I could be wrong. In that case, you should have all of the mastery changes they have done so far, I don’t think they hit PC early.


i say if we paid for it as in dlc, it should be easier, and if its not payed it should be default medium-hard doing it :wink:


TRS have stated they have certain lengths of duration of play they’d like masteries to take…based on how data comes back from people on achieving these masteries they constantly look to tweak the numbers to maintain that length of play before achievement. I believe, as someone else said above, these are changed in micropatches so are more regularly able to be rolled out.